Sound Healing: Montauk Salt Cave Comes to NYC

Sound healing may be the new aromatherapy and green drinks get the plop plop, fizz fizz treatment.
The Montauk Salt Cave dishes out good vibrations.

By Amely Greeven


TUNE IN, LET GO Sound healing is poised to be the next aromatherapy: The vibrations of sound waves are said to shift stress, recalibrate the nervous system and promote a state of calm and renewal. While there are plenty of digital tracks you can plug into, nothing compares to lying with others in a bath of sound waves intentionally designed to restore harmony and clear and quiet the mind.

And I can’t think of a more restorative place to do this than the Montauk Salt Cave, where tons of pink Himalayan salt create an environment of rosy serenity and an extraordinary forum that amplifies the healing frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls and Kundalini meditation with a gong sound bath. Now, New Yorkers don’t even have to travel to the tip of Long Island to bask in the seductive space of the Montauk Salt Cave—a new branch recently opened in the East Village (90 E. 10th Street). Owner Shannon Coppola says that the effects of surrendering in this sanctuary of sound are profound.

“The combination of doing breathwork and meditation in the salt-infused air with the mesmerizing sound leaves me floating to the point where I can’t drive my car for 20 minutes.” Sounds…heavenly.


Purist’s wellness editor Amely Greeven is the co-author of the book Clean with Dr Alejandro Junger, and co-author of The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother.