LA: Restore and Revive

LA’s sacred spaces, healing herbs and crystal therapy
Photograph by Dzika_mrowka

By Marisa Belger


These days everyone seems to have a rose quartz crystal tucked under her pillow or placed on her home altar. It’s the crystal of love, after all, and its mysterious benefits are perpetually enticing. But though crystals can be found in most bohemian shops, crystal healing is a vast and complex universe, best explored with a seasoned guide. Enter Azalea Lee. The force behind Place 8 Healing, the Los Angeles-based crystal expert is the go-to source for harnessing the transformative power of these special stones. “When consciously worked with, crystals have an affinity for healing that in the soul which needs deep shifts,” Lee says. Services include crystal intuitive readings by phone, where Lee recommends specific crystals for your unique challenges; crystal pulls, where she guides you to the right crystal for you or a loved one via an email; and flower essence consultations via phone or Skype, in which she creates unique flower essence formulas for each client.


Paula Mallis has combined her expertise in spiritual psychology and her first-hand experience as a doula—and mother—and channeled it into a gorgeous space geared to healing and restoration. WMN Space presents the women of Los Angeles a respite from the stressors of modern life by offering a wide range of services—body work, therapy, counseling—plus opportunities for community building through women’s gatherings and events. “We’re really a sacred space,” says Mallis. “It’s a refuge, a place to come to as women to deeply connect on a heart level. We’re geared toward women of all ages.”

Take your brows to the next level with “conscious beauty brows” (not your average threading), or arrange a meeting with a therapeutic skin coach. In 2018, the services will expand to include a teen girls’ circle, and a course titled, “How to Live an Intentional Life.” 10764 Washington Blvd., 2nd Floor;


LA-based Ayurveda practitioner Johann Helf of Lotus Blooming Herbs discovered the Himalayan treatment shilajit (shee-la-jit) while studying meditation and Tibetan medicine in India. The gooey black substance produced profound effects—boosting his energy and mental clarity—and he was determined to bring it to the U.S. “I’ve been obsessed with shilajit for 17 years,” says Helf. “It’s an extremely rare substance, often faked or mixed with other things, so I went on a mission to locate the real thing. I ended up on a motorcycle in the Himalayas, located it, and brought it back to LA. I began giving it away to people and soon started getting calls from celebrities.”

In Ayurvedic medicine, shijalit is considered a rejuvenation medicine and is believed to imbue a person with strength and stamina. Lotus Blooming Herbs is currently the only outlet for highest grade, genuine Himalayan shilajit in the US. Helf provides both shilajit and chyawanprash—an herbal formula used for rejuvenation that must be prepared for 21 days to produce one precious, powerful batch.