Celebrity Wellness Warriors: Miranda Kerr

Aside from launching the Kora Organics skincare line, model Miranda Kerr is a self-help book author.

MIRANDA KERR launched Kora Organics, her cruelty-free, organic skincare in 2009. The line has been growing ever since, available in more than 400 stores in Kerr’s native Australia, almost 400 Sephora stores across North America, and was recently launched in China. In addition to her continued work with Kora as managing director, Kerr has written a self-help guide, Treasure Yourself, (published in 2010), encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. Kerr is a graduate of New York’s School of Integrative Nutrition. koraorganics.com

“Not everyone knows this about me, but I’m actually a certified health coach. My love and genuine passion for health and well-being is what led me to create Kora Organics.”—Miranda Kerr