Canyon Collective

Bask in the haute-bohemian vibe of the Mercado Sagrado festival in Malibu, where well-being meets markets, music and community bonding.
Photograph by Kacie Tomita

by Marisa Belger

Inspired by the bohemian energy of Topanga Canyon and held in the hills of Malibu, Mercado Sagrado is a dynamic combination of high-craft market, wellness collective and music festival. The event was created in 2014 by photographer Heather Culp and artist Carly Jo Morgan (who has since left the venture), both New York expats and Topanga residents, as a way of capturing the essence of the “canyon spirit.” It has since morphed into an an accidental incubator for some of the biggest names in well-being.

Nitsa Citrine and Scott Linde of Sun Potion, Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice, and Shiva Rose of Shiva Rose Beauty are key members of the Mercado Sagrado family. But these wellness superstars and the celebrities who come to see them in action (think: Lisa Bonet and Shailene Woodley) don’t elevate the event too, too much. “The vibe is really amazing,” says Culp. “It’s noncompetitive, warm, welcoming and friendly. We really wanted it to be an amazing gathering of people who are dedicated to sharing ways of living that are more simple and healthy. People just really seem to get high off that energy and connection.”

In addition to workshops covering a cross section of wellness practices, from breath work to sound healing to creative journaling, Mercado Sagrado offers its dedicated community food, clothing, crafts and, mostly importantly, a distinct aesthetic and design sensibility. The event and its attendees are at the epicenter of neo-hippie cool. Women who appear to be glowing from the inside out seem to float across the land in flowing dresses, floppy hats, braids, and clogs. It’s part Little House on the Prairie, part Vogue cover shoot, and you just can’t help wanting some of what they’ve got.