The Constant Gardener

Frederico Azevedo, founder of Unlimited Earth Care, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, shares his passion for cultivating excellence in East End landscape design.

More than ever, people are looking to bring nature into their homes and lifestyles. Landscape design is in my soul—it has always been. Sometimes I may forget that my life revolves around landscape design, but everybody, including my children, Livia and Lorenzo, always refer to me about anything related to gardens and flowers.

My company, Unlimited Earth Care, offers design, installation, maintenance and lawn-care services tailored to each client’s needs. Our team includes drafters, arborists, technicians and gardeners who work side by side to determine the best way to create and maintain a landscape. We search for the most innovative garden accessories, including planters, sculpture, outdoor furniture and lighting from around the globe.

We have been working with organic farms specializing in native plants for the past 25 years. Native plants, along with the right design and soil preparation, address the full spectrum of sustainability issues. These include water conservation, not using herbicides, preserving natural areas and creating wildlife habitats. We are installing more vegetable gardens, which can be designed in different ways—either in elevated beds, or with planters in sunny areas on top of a deck or patio—as well as cutting gardens for fresh flowers.

In a recent Southampton project, I designed a garden along a tree hedge with native plants, mixing shrubs, flowers and ground cover such as bayberry, inkberry, hay-scented ferns, false indigo and bee balm. The vegetable garden was designed with a raised bed and a compost area, and is now overseen by my client’s son, who is very much involved with organic gardening and native gardens. Long borders with mixes of evergreens, flowering trees, shrubs and perennial flowers contour the three-acre property.

Many years ago, I created the gardens of the Sag Harbor Historical Society, at the request of a Sag Harbor client who is on the Society’s board. I based the design on paintings, drawings and pictures that were found in the historical house. Since then, we have added more details, and maintained the gardens as a community service. It makes my team feel great to be able to contribute our work to something priceless and historical.