Good Vibrations

SoundBody studio founder Kristen Lund on the ancient practice of Tibetan singing bowls
“Each bowl has a note that corresponds to a different chakra,” says Lund. Photo by Fawn DeViney

Imagine your body is a piano that has not been tuned in years. You know the parts you need are right there, but for one reason or another, they are not in sync. As the founder of the SoundBody studio, I practice the ancient art of sound and vibrational therapy. With handmade Tibetan singing bowls and crystal alchemy bowls as my instruments, I direct vibration, energy and sound to align the chakras, boost immunity, alleviate various manifestations of pain, and improve overall health. It is widely believed that before pain manifests physically in the body, it exists in our energetic field. We hold this energy in and around us, and we must find more varied ways to release that which does not serve us.

This modality of vibrational and sound therapy originated in the Far East and has been a trusted part of Eastern medicine for millennia. Tibetan bowls can be traced back to the time of Buddha and are widely used by Buddhist monks to facilitate and amplify meditation. I can attest to this in my own meditation practice: Energetic shifts following particularly powerful sessions have been lasting, and at times so profound, it became impossible for me to ignore the source of this healing.

I also work with crystal alchemy bowls, which contain various metals, minerals and gemstones. Crystals have been used for centuries by tribes on every continent. Melted at 3000 degrees and formed into the shape of a bowl, they wield even greater power when aligned with a suede mallet; it is as if you are receiving a direct dose of the crystal via a vibration.

Each bowl has a note that corresponds to a different chakra. In each session, I use the bowls as tools to shape intentions and direct energy toward the client’s ultimate purpose.

Clients come to SoundBody with different challenges—anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, cancer, trauma, pain—or are simply seeking a sense of balance or peace. Pain manifests in complex, mysterious ways. The sonic resonance of the bowls helps to establish and reveal a mind-body connection that improves physical and spiritual health.