The Power of Intuition

Angel Santamarina, spiritual healer and author, talks about the importance of inner guidance.
Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse

With my gift of spiritual perception, I see things differently. Over the past 20 years, I have done over 2,000 healings. My mind has opened up to a different understanding of reality that surrounds us. I view intuition as a vital tool that people should make use of in their daily lives. As rational beings, we increase our knowledge, experiences and wisdom as we grow. As adults, we typically believe and trust our accumulated information more than our intuition for daily decision-making.

Contrary to our accumulated knowledge and experience, we do not know the origin of intuition, or its level of accuracy. We typically do not trust intuition, because our experiences often do not allow us to develop that trust. My experiences as a spiritual healer have allowed me to understand that intuition originates from a different level of reality. Intuition is a powerful source of wisdom given to everyone; it can guide our decisions in a way that is not comprehensible through reasoning. In order to trust intuition, it is necessary to be attentive to its messages and accept its guidance. Start with the simple decisions of life. For instance, one of my clients had promised her son that she would visit him abroad during the holidays. The trip was planned, but something was telling her that it was not the right moment to travel. I suggested that she respect this feeling, explaining that her intuition was sending her a message. She decided to postpone her trip. During the time she would have been away, the roof of her house was damaged during a storm due to fallen trees. Because she heeded her intuition, my client was able to take charge of the situation and minimize the damage.

In another healing session, a man told me that he had accompanied a friend to hang glide, and suddenly had a premonition of a terrible outcome. He tried to persuade his friend not to glide, but the friend went anyway. Shortly after the jump, the glider folded inward, the man fell from a high altitude, and died. For years, my client felt guilty. He wished he had been more insistent, since his intuition had told him that his friend would be in danger. Intuitive information that arrives to us is subtle. When it appears, it is important to recognize it as viable information and not dismiss it. As part of my spiritual healing practice, I teach adults how to pay attention to those subtle messages and prove their truths. I also suggest that adults teach children to honor their intuition.