NYC Stress Busters

Perfect strategies for tackling the winter season in the Big Apple.
Dip into aquatic bliss at Williamsburg’s Bathhouse. Photo: @abathhouse

by Ray Rogers


Skip the Botox injections and book a Face Time acupuncture treatment at WTHN that has multiple benefits, reduced wrinkles and boosted collagen among them. Opt for a guided meditation on noise-canceling headphones and bliss out while waiting for the needles to do their work. $65 for first-timers;


Let your mind wander through the gorgeous gardens of East End landscape artist Frederico Azevedo, founder of Unlimited Earth Care, with his recent book, Bloom: The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo. His colorful, happy-making tableaux are the perfect antidote to cold, gray, wintry days. $75;


Extreme-temp makeovers, anyone? Whether the goal is weight loss, pain relief, or just a seasonal detox, try sweating it out in the infrared Himalayan salt sauna at Modrn Sanctuary. You’ll burn up to 600 calories in one relaxing 60-minute session. For those who prefer a cooling touch, book a Cryoskin 4.0 treatment to freeze fat, tone the body and stimulate collagen.


For centuries, communities have been soaking together. The sleek new Bathhouse ( in Williamsburg brings next-level comfort to the game. In addition to the
time-tested steam rooms, Turkish-style hammams and an icy plunge pool are new-world offerings like cryotherapy and sensory-deprivation flotation tanks. All that, plus a restaurant that serves global bathhouse-inspired fanciful cuisine: borscht with horseradish crème fraîche and pickled beetroot, perhaps? The Tribeca subterranean oasis Aire Ancient Baths first pioneered the concept in NYC, and it’s still a must-experience. 88 Franklin St., NYC;


The city that never sleeps, never stops looking for new ways or places to get fit. Another branch of the popular Row House ( opens in Williamsburg, with strength training and aerobic classes that engage up to 85 percent of the body’s muscles. A new Life Time ( location comes to 23rd Street, bringing an outdoor pool and the brand’s top-tier gym facilities, amenities and trainers. Looking to amp up your yoga practice? A new CorePower Yoga ( studio lands in the heart of the village at 56 W. 8th St.


Upon entering Standard Dose, expect the healing process to begin. There are large pillow-like poufs scattered about the floor, directly underneath a skylight that recreates daily ambient lighting. Located at 26th and Broadway, Standard Dose emphasizes that cannabis services the body’s natural regulatory patterns, even with less than 0.3 percent of THC. The storefront functions as an educational conduit to CBD, featuring experiential yoga and meditation as well as pedagogical panels by industry authorities. The 2,400-square-foot, three-story complex will also host Japanese tea ritual ceremonies. Standard Dose is not just a dispensary, but also an all-inclusive soiree. Reshmi Kaur Obero