Electro Lite

Finding calm and protection in a perfect storm of tech overload and harmful electromagnetic radiation.

by Amely Greeven

Since we are all spending so much time at home now, I cannot help but notice a few disturbing things around me. A Smart Meter fixed on the outer wall of my daughter’s bedroom. Power lines running across the deck. A high-speed internet router positioned by the dog bed. The electromagnetic radiation these things emit may not be visible, but as a health writer who works with visionaries at the leading edge of wellness, I know too much about the system-wide dysregulating effects of man-made energy frequencies to turn my back. Plus, I’ve already begun to feel some of the effects of electrosensitivity myself, especially after hours at my computer: heightened stress response from the cortisol output that radiation triggers; irritability; heart palpitations; and fatigue. And I question whether my little princess’ emotional volatility may also be a result of living in a soup of electrosmog.

We already follow good energy-hygiene habits, turning off our router at night (when our resting bodies are more vulnerable to microwave radiation) and never holding a cellphone to our heads. But for the sake of my family, I need to do an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detox on our space.

I call Lynda Cormier-Hanser, the co-founder of Gia Wellness, a 21-century company devoted to wellness innovations for a wireless world. She explains how the stress response to electromagnetic radiation can include free-radical damage, premature aging and inflammation across the body and brain; compromised detoxification due to cell-wall hardening; weight gain; attention and behavior issues; and a feeling of being spent.

The amount and amplitude of exposure to these artificial and intense frequencies is increasing, not only as so-called “smart” homes with devices, speakers and appliances that communicate wirelessly add more pulsing signals to the soup—but even more worryingly, as the ultrahigh-speed 5G communications network starts to roll out in our towns and cities. With powerful new antennae more densely sprinkled on buildings and streets than before, this will exponentially increase the most biologically disruptive “near field” radiation.

“Think about adding layers of protection in your life,” Cormier-Hanser advises. Gia’s EMF-protective products use a patented technology that, in studies, strengthened the resistance of our body’s energy field while reducing radiation absorption of the cells by up to 90 percent, “similar to the way sunscreen reduces your body’s absorption of the sun’s electromagnetic light rays.” She recommends a Smart Meter Defender to protect my sleeping daughter (Smart Meters pulse every 30 seconds with powerful microwave information); Universal Guards on my router, wireless phone and computers; and a Home Harmonizer to help defend our living and sleeping spaces from interfering fields.

First, however, I do some research. I discover that for a $75 fee, my California utility company will replace the Smart Meter with analog. Victory! My husband and I decide to hardwire our desktop computers with Ethernet to reduce wireless output. (Disabling a computer’s WiFi when working offline is another way to massively lower exposure.) Then I buffer the interferences I cannot control. I purchase Gia’s Universal Guards for all our devices; a wearable, biofield-strengthening pendant; the Home Harmonizer to counteract the ELFs (extremely low frequencies) from the power lines over our property; and Gia’s flagship product, its i-H20 Hydration System, which uses a subtle low-frequency field to change water’s molecular structure into a revitalizing and free-radical defending form. (Great skin and good digestion are welcome side effects).

My EMF detox is halfway done. Next up, using my new EMF meter to check for dirty electricity in my walls and trading the wireless phone (one of the most insidious emitters of microwave radiation) for one that’s hard-wired. A vintage 1960s Mad Men phone is already on order