Powered Up

Randall Oppitz balances body and mind for well-being through simple and state-of-the-art energy techniques. By Cristina Cuomo
Projecting loving energy into oneself and the world leads to inner peace. Photo: Juuso Hämäläinen

Cristina Cuomo: What is the work a person must do to sustain clean and healthy energy?

Randall Oppitz: The management of one’s energy is the key to one’s entire life. How well you manage your energy will determine whether your life is full of fear or love, peace or stress, joy or anxiety. Adding an energy management practice as part of your daily routine leads the body to a higher frequency. Choose love in all actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions, as love is the highest of all frequencies. Remember, it comes down to one central issue: You are an energy collector; your inventory of collected thoughts, feelings and emotions creates your experiences. A person’s path is determined by their level of consciousness, which I equate to the percentage of love or higher vibration you have. A person’s natural ability to allow the universal flow of love to stream through their body is how and when the soul becomes empowered. The basis of my work is to remove energy blockages and increase energy flow, using love, dynamic breathing and touch. The process is all about trading fear-based energy for love-based energy, becoming more self-aware and implementing the practice of love into our daily lives.

CC: Where did you study?

RO: My learning came firsthand. I did not realize, when I began this journey, how developed my intuitive skills already were. My skills just required more practice, so I learned how to work with them consciously. I learned that the root cause of all illnesses, dysfunctions and conditions is due to the disturbances within. Replace the energy of the disturbances with love, and the symptoms disappear. After performing thousands of sessions, I realized the body can heal itself if one chooses to clear the blocked energy, and then I began referring to myself as a personal energy specialist. I call the protocol The Heal Process.

To further my research, I enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic and completed the two-year pre-chiro program to understand the body even more. As I progressed in my research, I withdrew and decided to continue my self-directed journey.

CC: Tell me about Birch Mountain, your wellness retreat in upstate New York.

RO: The retreat is a very private, one-on-one, three-day experience for my clients. I work with them myself, on average for five to seven hours each day. We have to drill down really deep into the energy of the body to break up blockages. Modern science doesn’t understand the origins of disease, because the origins actually lie in blockages in the body. Blockages are created by an accumulation of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

CC: Do you believe that emotional issues create the dynamics of disease?

RO: They play a major role in it.

CC: Do you call yourself a healer?

RO: Energy specialist. The body heals itself. What I do is teach a person how to clear blockages in their body to restore their energy to 100 percent. People are walking around with bodies in what I call a brownout. They’re running on empty. When I share with clients the idea that thoughts and feelings are energy, they invite me to their homes and I say, “You’ve got a beautiful place here, and I don’t see any junk. Why do you keep junk in your body?” What it really comes down to, and some people really get upset with me about this, is that it really doesn’t matter about food, and it also doesn’t matter about exercise.
It’s all about the energy.

CC: When one finds healing through better food habits and exercise, is it because they’ve transformed some sort of energy from within?

RO: I’m a firm believer in organic food, and eating right for your blood type, but that does not override the energy in the body. Energies are related to blood type. The Os, for example, are protein eaters. I’ve done about 70,000 sessions in my lifetime, and many clients who are type O and eating a vegetarian diet are starving themselves. Manipulating food is not the answer.

CC: Walk me through the process of working with a client.

RO: Everyone comes to me by word of mouth. I won’t take a new client unless they’re recommended by someone I know. I’ve been working with a woman who has a brain tumor. She couldn’t have surgery because her tumor was embedded in her brain. It was inoperable. She wanted to explore alternative healing, so she worked with me and five other groups. I saw her once a week for almost four years.

CC: Did the tumor shrink?

RO: The tumor came out of the brain. It moved to the side of the head, and then they could operate. Tumors dissolve. They take a while to do so. Doctors think I’m crazy, but I’ve seen quite a few dissolve. I also use a device called the body charger, which with adding coaching enables you to transfer energy. It’s the only device I know of in the world that does this. It’s a 24-foot-square unit with two plates of glass, a copper plate and plexiglass covering it. The ground pulls the energy out of the bottom of the feet, and a bulb that raises the human frequency puts the new energy in. I use the body charger with clients that go through the Heal Process protocol.

CC: If someone comes to you with anger issues and no illness, or small illnesses perhaps, are you able to see that?

RO: Arthritis and joint pain are both issues closely tied to anger. As I work with a client and bring them to a space where they can let the energy go, once they let it go it’s like, “It was that easy?” With energy, once you can bring in enough love to displace the anger, it lets go. The protocol that I get people started on, right at the beginning, is inviting more love into their being. That is done through the breath, inhaling in and exhaling out of the mouth. There are certain times of the day when you can practice doing the breath, but all throughout your day, keep bringing in love and what’s going to happen is, on the inside you’re going to let go of the waste. It happens automatically. It’s not something that really has to be learned. It just has to be practiced. thehealprocess.com