Best in Show

Show your pup some love with Pride + Groom’s line of all natural grooming products.

Dogs give us so much while asking for little in return. They love us unconditionally, show us fierce loyalty, and lift our spirits during tough times. We want the best for our dogs, so why should we settle for subpar pet products? Regina Haymes, Patricia Machado, Jane Wagman and Heather Perlman united to create Pride + Groom after realizing that even the most high-end grooming brands were lacking the quality their pooches deserved. Through meticulous formulation, the group developed a collection of products that addresses the needs of different types of skin and coats using all natural ingredients, with chic packaging that blends with the aesthetic of the sophisticated pet owner. “Pride + Groom is the evolution of clean beauty. Why should one species hog all the benefits clean beauty has to offer? Natural and clean don’t discriminate.” says Larissa Thomson, co-founder of ONDA Beauty.

Pride + Groom’s creators aimed to develop a scent profile that embodied the joyfulness of owning and loving a dog. Each all-natural ingredient in P + G’s line was thoughtfully selected for its healing properties, like calendula extract for fur conditioning and hydration, fragrant coconut oil for odor neutralization and a glossy shine, and marshmallow root to soften and condition fur while fighting bacteria. Flaxseed oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E provide nutrients to skin and hair, smoothing follicles and enhancing the coat’s natural luster. The line has a formula for the grooming needs of any pup, with cleansers for shedding and nonshedding coats, a gentle shampoo for sensitive skin, silky detangling conditioner and the Proud finishing spray, with notes of citrus.

On July 30th, Pride + Groom celebrated its launch at the ONDA store (42 Main Street in Sag Harbor). Click here for a recap of the event, and to learn more about Pride + Groom’s products. Shop now for free shipping on orders over 50 bones, and get 10 percent off your online order using PURIST10!