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Purist founder Cristina Cuomo shares best practices for healthy sleep hygiene and more
“These are my favorite ways to get a good night’s sleep—from exercise ideas to healthier food choices.”
“This trio of chemical-free hair products from Innersense includes a gentle shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment for effortless self-care.” Pure trio collection, $84, Innersense Organic Beauty, innersensebeauty.com
“Cold-pressed juices and fresh nut milks—what more does one need to stay healthy?” Nama cold press juicer, Vitality 5800, $399, Nama, shop.namawell.com
“This sleep mask is washable hypoallergenic silk. Wearing it won’t give you wrinkles, and you can sleep in past sunrise.” Washable silk sleep mask, $48, Lunya, lunya.co
“This whitening toothpaste has natural sleep aids like hempseed oil, valerian, chamomile and melatonin to soothe the senses.” Relax whitening toothpaste Hemp, $28, Supersmile, supersmile.com


“Walking is the best way to motivate the metabolism, offset the aging process and bring on restful sleep. I love these sustainable flats from AERA.” Audrey flat, $345, AERA, aeranewyork.com