Formulate, Advocate, Educate

Skin care and makeup that’s good for you—and the planet—from Beautycounter.

The US bans only 30 potentially harmful ingredients from its beauty and personal care products, while the EU bans over 1,400. Beautycounter is determined to change the beauty industry forever by advocating for more health protective legislation – both at the state and federal level – around products the public uses on their bodies.

Beautycounter operates under the philosophy that high-performing products can be free of questionable ingredients. The brand utilizes The Never List™, a collection of over 1,800 ingredients that are restricted from their product formulations. Beautycounter selects its ingredients from a fully disclosed fleet of more sustainable materials that are vetted through their rigorous Five-Step Ingredient Selection Process. Ingredients are screened and tested for safety against 23 health and environmental endpoints to ensure they don’t have any potentially harmful ingredients that could cause reproductive complications, carcinogenicity and other health concerns.  

As a Certified B Corp, Beautycounter considers people and the planet. They are the first beauty brand to have a fully traceable mica supply chain from doing in-person audits of suppliers and their labor practices. The brand has also made huge strides towards more sustainable packaging, reducing the volume of materials used, and utilizing recyclable materials like glass. Animal lovers can feel confident about Beautycounter’s Leaping Bunny Certified products which include antioxidant-rich moisturizers and pigment-rich eyeshadow palettes.