Guided By Biet

In her inaugural Purist advice column, spiritual teacher, bestselling author and artist Biet Simkin offers readers divinely inspired direction.

Why is it so hard to accept death? Since recovering from COVID, I’ve been so stressed. My anxiety is off the charts. I know I’m blessed, andI thank God for every day I’m here. As a mother, my biggest fear is leaving my family. It’s all I think about, day and night. I just want to stop thinking about it, and live my life with my family. -Debbie

Dear Debbie,
It’s hard to accept death, because it is so hard to be fully alive! I recommend doing a 30-second-a-day grieving meditation, in which you connect with grief, locate it in your body and then allow an enlightened being or a light of any kind to hold you and wrap you in love as you feel the grief completely. You may cry, but you may also sit silently and just feel the loss. Allowing grief its place in life gives us room to soar with joy. You are magic. Nothing and no one, not even death, can take that from you!
Love, Biet

I am a 24-year-old woman and the daughter of Brazilian immigrants. I have been at home, quarantining since March, and graduated college in the midst of the pandemic. I have been feeling lost and hopeless about my future after college. How should I go about being a young woman just beginning her next step in life? -Valerie

Dear Valerie,
None of our futures are promised, or set in stone. It is my belief that we co-create our futures from our faith and level of being. I recommend reading a few books during this time: my book, Don’t Just Sit There!—specifically, look over the chapter titled “The Law of Becoming.” Also check out books by Florence Scovel Shinn. She wrote metaphysical works during the Depression that really resonate today. Feel your future completely, as though it is happening now. This feeling will open the magic doors. I have a sneaky feeling this is gonna be fun.
Warmly, Biet

This thought has been on my mind for sometime: Due to a series of events following a serious health challenge—even though being strong and independent before, during and after it—I need to get the real me back. Since COVID, I’ve not been able to do my work. I’m feeling such a loss also, because this is creative work. Any steps to getting oneself back, including confidence and joy? -Dona

Dear Dona,
I get it. Being fully in our flow is the best. With that said, we must trust, always, what is happening. Sometimes there will be lows, and sometimes there will be layovers. A wise, awakened human understands that this is how “aliveness” goes. Melt into the agony of your situation, allowing for yourself to fully feel your grief, loss and fear. Next, move into dance, celebrate what you have with gratitude lists, yelping, yawping and perhaps even poetry and drawing. Finally, look into meditation and visualization for what’s next. Ask your higher self, “What do you want me to do with my life?” Look to life, as you will find signs and suggestions everywhere.
Best, Biet

How do I overcome chronic anxiety and fear? -Peggy

Dear Peggy,
All of life’s problems, including anxiety, are just road signs that point you back home. What is home? Close your eyes for a moment, and remember. Home is your birthright. Home is the cosmic flow of energy that flows through you, and is an infinite supply of juice for you. Rather than something we can ever be separated from, our goals, our failures, our dreams and regrets all become one beautiful tapestry. My advice is to use meditation and prayer to go into your anxiety. Ask your anxiety, “What are you here to teach me?” See what you find.
Love, Biet