Domestic Oasis

Purist’s guide to creating the ideal meditation sanctuary.

An overwhelming amount of research indicates that meditation is a powerful tool for calming anxiety, increasing focus and even rewiring brain pathways. But for both beginners and seasoned meditators, achieving a fully immersed, mindful headspace is sometimes challenging, especially during periods of high stress, hectic schedules and the demands of an increasingly “plugged-in” world. By curating a space filled with personalized elements that promote tranquility, a daily meditation practice can become even more valuable. 

The optimal meditation space is one that conjures feelings of peacefulness and security. Ideally, a meditation room should be filled with natural light and good air flow, and be free from excessive noise, movement and clutter. It is also believed that color has a profound effect on mood, with blue walls and decor promoting relaxation and comfort, green associated with vitality, and earth tones offering grounding effects. Introducing nature into a meditation space can function as an additional grounding tool; utilize plants or fresh flowers to signify the connection between the self and the natural world, or use the soothing sounds of a small indoor water fountain to embody the present moment. 

Many meditation techniques require conscious awareness in all parts of the body—an invitation to notice the weight of each limb, the sensation of clothing on skin, or tension in the jaw or spine. By relaxing the muscles, purging the mind of conscious thought and sinking into a soft, supportive seat, the pressures of daily life drift away. Filling a meditation space with plush fabrics, like those in Yogamere’s “Create Your Sanctuary” home kit, can add an extra element of relaxation into the practice. Yogamere’s velvet meditation and floor cushions provide support for tight muscles, and the Bija cashmere-and-silk eye pillow soothes tired eyes. The cotton and velvet bolster can be tucked under the knees or seat during meditation, and can be used as a stretching tool during yoga routines. The double-sided yoga mat in designer Ravi Marga’s pattern effortlessly blends with any room’s decor, encouraging a disciplined, daily movement practice. “Yogamere is the manifestation of the things I love and believe in,” says founder and designer Amy Ormond. “Beautiful design, conscious wellness and movement—all coming to life in a collection to be experienced and enjoyed.”

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