O3waterworks: In The Zone

O3waterworks is cleaning up the sanitizer industry with a planet-friendly alternative: aqueous ozone.

COVID-19 has caused a number of cultural shifts, including an increased desire to keep our bodies and surroundings cleaner than ever. While diligent sanitizing can keep germs at bay and preserve our health, it may come at the expense of the planet’s well-being. Rivers, streams and oceans are regularly contaminated with runoff from chemical cleaning products, while volatile organic compounds (VOC) in these products can affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog. Many cleaning products are packaged in single-use containers, creating a magnitude of plastic waste. There is a sweet spot between eco-consciousness and cleansing capabilities, and aqueous ozone may exist there. 

O3waterworks’ handheld sanitizing spray bottle

Ozone, a naturally occurring atmospheric molecule, is mechanically infused into water to create a “greener than green” cleaning solution. Aqueous ozone is made without added chemicals and gives the natural cleansing powers of H2O an extra boost, similar in efficacy to chlorine bleach. Free from the corroding properties of chlorine bleach, aqueous ozone is gentle on surfaces while providing the same “kill rate” of germs as the key ingredients found in most hospital-grade disinfectants. After use, water evaporates and ozone reverts back to oxygen without leaving chemical residue on surfaces. 

O3waterworks aqueous ozone laundry system

O3waterworks has harnessed the cleansing powers of aqueous ozone in an innovative, multiuse sanitizing spray bottle. Meant to be reused for up to five years with 600+ refills, the bottle creates its own personal cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing solution using only tap water. The sprayer’s diamond electrolyte cell then transforms the water into aqueous ozone, ideal for use on kitchen counters, floors, workout equipment, face masks, makeup brushes, grocery bags and kids’ toys. A planet friendly alternative to the toxic cleaning products under your kitchen sink, aqueous ozone eliminates 99.9 % of harmful bacteria and odors in 30 seconds. The O3waterworks solution stands up against bleach when tested, displaying similar cleansing abilities without harsh fumes. A spritz of aqueous ozone over fruits and vegetables can extend food’s shelf life, working similarly to the produce sprinklers used in grocery stores. The bottle’s sleek, compact design is perfect for travel, an easy way to stay clean, safe and germ-free on the go. o3waterworks.com