Air Power

Hamptons wellness guru Tracy Anderson tells Purist about unleashing a mighty upgrade of her legendary fitness machine.
Air Pro utilizes a new form of resistance to strengthen muscles. Photography by Miranda Penn

As a fitness pioneer, I’m always excited to bring something new to the table, so I’ve invented version two of the machine that originated the revolutionary Tracy Anderson Method: the Anderson Moto Air Pro Reformer, available to clients exclusively at my East Hampton studio in July.

Building on the original Pilates Reformer, there’s a component that can give anyone the abs or butt of their dreams. I see so many women saying they want the 25-year-old “butt of the moment”—and if I can’t get it for them, then they will undergo surgery to get it. I can sit and lecture people all day long, telling them they should not want that—because it’s not about the butt, it’s not about having someone else’s body; it’s really about your health. I can say this until I’m blue in the face, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to look and feel their best—and it just so happens that I actually do have the ability to give people the butt of the moment if they want it. This machine will teach the people who use it more about their own personal capabilities, with their own personal energy.

The new Anderson Moto Air Pro Reformer

With the Air Pro, muscles become “younger” through a new form of resistance; we took what is flawed about resistance and we fixed it. Deadlifting or pressing can be good for your bone structure and your muscle mass, but it’s terrible for your joints. We have an energetic connection to our nervous system. It is all about how you play with energy and resistance, and not doing it from a place of trauma is the best way to heal or reverse age. If you look at aging as structures starting to deteriorate and weaken, then you see that you do have the power to reverse that process, if you behave properly. My new machine marries this respect for energy with the desire to build muscle, and takes the imbalance out of it.

Think about history: We are modern humans, right? Now, think about our more primitive selves: Back then, we did not treat our bodies the way we do today. There were so many amazing practices and ceremonies—and a lot of them had to do with energy. Somewhere along the way, modern humans started doing away with that natural alignment. I really want to get people back to the place where they learned how powerful their energy is, and with this machine, you really will be able to feel what it’s like to control your energy.

I believe people are ready to have a more serious conversation: They’re ready to venture from their denatured lives and realize that we are all interconnected with nature. We’ve lost touch with our interconnectedness, and that has to change. It changes when we start to realize our own personal, physical energy and power, and take it seriously. 30 Park Place, East Hampton;