Best Tressed

Revolve Hair, an East End style institution offering a fleet of signature treatments, event glam, color and spa services, has relaunched this season with a renovated salon on Hill Street in Southampton. Here, Revolve Hair’s founder Alicia M. Cook talks about the importance of healthy hair in self-care, a new product line and the salon’s new digs.
Revolve Hair’s new space is the ultimate destination for pampering.

PURIST: What is your hair care philosophy, and why is hair health important?

Alicia M. Cook: Hair care is a testament to self-love. It’s integral to someone’s self-confidence and how they present themselves to the world. It’s our goal to capture someone’s individuality and help them to have those feel-good, fresh-out-of-the-shop moments both immediately after and in between visits. Our philosophy is that it’s more than hair; we transform from the inside out.

PURIST: Tell us about the opening of your newly revamped salon. What are some exciting features that have been added?

AC: I am so excited about our new space. The truth is our environment affects how we feel, so it was incredibly important to create a space that is inviting, serene and comfortable. Functionality and design is a huge part of this. We are creative, and aesthetics are so important to what we do. Art and finding beauty in the interesting and unique is who we are to the core. Our space speaks volumes to that. ​In addition to the new space, Revolve has partnered with Oribe, and carries the brand’s full line of luxury hair and body care. We are always finding extra ways to delight our clients not only with new services, but with honing our expertise and elevating the client experience.

PURIST: What makes Oribe so special?

AC: If you could put artistry in a bottle, the result would be Oribe. I think what makes this line so special is that it was created by an icon and innovator in the hair and fashion industry, Oribe Canales. Using Oribe products behind the chair brings out another level of creativity and our clients absolutely love using them at home. We’re all obsessed.

Founder Alicia M. Cook

PURIST: Best tips for keeping hair healthy during the transition from summer to fall?

AC: Hair care can be related to skin care, and it starts from the inside out. When a client is in our chair, we like to start with scalp health. Hair and scalp assessments are fundamental in deciding our approach and recommending the best in-salon and at-home regimens. Our team recommends having a personalized hair and scalp detox, followed by a strengthening and rehydrating treatment, especially after summer swimming in pools and the ocean. De-polluting the hair and scalp allows follicles to absorb the good things you want to put back in, similar to exfoliating the skin before applying lotion or serum.

PURIST: How does the Revolve team personalize hair care and services to help clients look and feel their best?

AC: Revolve Hair is all about teamwork. We work together to create the optimal client experience, from booking to entering the salon space for your service and creating your plan, from performance to completion. Entering the salon is like walking into a beautiful hotel lobby ready for your vacation, and while there, you’re able to indulge in some relaxation and “you time.” Our guests exit feeling and looking wonderful, ready for what’s ahead.
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