Editor’s Letter

Ready for new adventures this winter.

When January rears its chilling head, I redirect my focus. That’s what a resolution is all about. Read more. Travel again. Write. Sharpen my Italian so I don’t speak the wrong language when I land in Rome. Then there’s the me that doesn’t want to leave home much at all. The me that likes to meditate and sleep and subscribe to a more indulgent directive, from Life’s Little Instruction Book: “Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.”

Through the pages of this issue, we take you on a tour of delicious food—from new restaurants in the mountains of Aspen, in sunny Miami and Palm Beach, and on Long Island, where François Payard has a new outpost.

My latest passion: architecture. Thanks to incredible architectural clients with a deep understanding of wellness in the home, I have learned about the linear conveyance of calm found within modern architecture, in particular. In this issue, we celebrate one such talent, who was given the 2021 Second Award in the Residential Category in the Global Architecture & Design Awards: Christopher Coy of Barnes Coy Architects. His incredible use of light in interior spaces and ability to lend peace and rest to a house is magical. I have seen it myself in the homes he creates, including the South Florida one exclusively featured in these pages.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?