Elegant Refresh from Iconic Modern Home

Iconic Modern Home, the East End’s premier full-service design firm, leads the way in optimizing contemporary living spaces for the life you live.
Art and LED-compliant lighting add a personal touch to newly purchased homes. Photograph courtesy of Iconic Modern Home

By Julia Szabo

The Year of Living Safely, 2020 made interior design a universal top priority. More than “where the heart is,” home conveyed that all-important first impression via Zoom—and if we suffered a serious case of Zoom envy while sheltering in place, or didn’t like the way our homes appeared on-screen, we either spruced up existing digs or picked up and moved to new ones. That trend hasn’t slowed, so Iconic Modern Home, a full-service design firm in operation since 2016, has expanded on its already impeccable staging skills.

The demand continues for awe-inspiring outdoor spaces—what Iconic Modern Home calls “pool house extraordinaire,” reports Teresa Kratzman, president of the firm. “People still want everything from outdoor gyms to tennis areas to feel like home,” she says, “so we install indoor-outdoor carpeting, hang televisions outside, make sure there’s music and adequate lighting for evening Zoom calls.”

Now, Kratzman and her business partner, Geoffrey Walsky, Iconic Modern Home’s CEO and creative director, are cornering a new market: catering to their New York and Connecticut clientele who now seek to feather farther-flung nests. Whether the destination is Aspen, Chicago or Palm Beach, Iconic Modern Home rises to the challenge of getting homes move-in ready, with curated art and other thoughtful flourishes. Already, as befits a national design authority, Iconic Modern Home is exerting aesthetic influence on the landscape of its newest market. “In Palm Beach,” says Kratzman, “we see a trend toward more modern, clean design.”

Kratzman continues, “Out of the top 10 transactions we did out East this year, three were basically providing our services to people who’d bought new homes. Some needed a reimagining, so we painted interiors and exteriors, updated bathrooms and kitchens, installed all new lighting.” Major holidays are no obstacle for this team: “We furnish and turn the key for them, so they are able to be in their new homes for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.”

Modern design services for this Montauk new build.  Photograph courtesy of Iconic Modern Home

Upholstered pieces by the late, great, furniture designer Vladimir Kagan, a favorite of the Iconic Modern Home team, steal the show. Fans of traditionalist interiors are delighted with Walsky’s more classic plans, which accent design icons such as Adirondack chairs, while turning up the “modern” heat on functional details, such as refinishing floors and updating bathroom fixtures. Houses with older lighting systems get a refresh thanks to LED-compliant fixtures that illuminate with brighter, softer white light, says Kratzman. “People can take charge of their new homes the way they want, seamlessly.” 760 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill; 631.726.0503, iconicmodern.com