Highway to Well

Wellness warriors Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis speak with Natalie Miles about tapping into your intuitive nature, excerpted from their podcast.
Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis, hosts of Highway to Well

Hello, Purist community! We are the hosts of Highway to Well, the podcast officially known as HTW With Zoe and Erica (who also happen to be the founders of your new favorite functional mushroom company, Earth & Star—we wear a few hats over here). In every episode of HTW With Zoe and Erica, we sit down with experts, practitioners and thought leaders to take a deep dive into a range of wellness topics. We bring you meaningful information and tips that you can actually use, while having some fun along the way. No preaching, just conversations that deserve to be heard. We are thrilled to team up with Cristina Cuomo and her wonderful team of wellness adventurers to present excerpts from these fascinating stories. If you’re interested in learning more, tune in for the full episodes at earthandstar.com > listen. 

Erica Huss: There seems to be a lot of traction in the space of intuition and mediumship—why do you think that is?

Natalie Miles: When talking about intuition and the spiritual community, I think there’s a lot of co-opting happening right now, where it’s just another business venture that is being abused and plundered in many different ways. There are a lot of inauthentic people saying they are something they’re not. I think to anyone venturing into this space: Do your homework like you would if you were going to see a doctor. Do your research. Do the same with your spiritual practitioners. Your energy is essential, and it’s critical to have that awareness.

We’re experiencing a major shift right now, and people are opening up to their gifts and awareness. People are looking for something right now—something to help them anchor and ground. And that’s why there’s this potential pull to seek something outside of ourselves, rather than turn to the intuition and gifts from within. The outside world is showing you signs, messages and guidance, but it is essential to remember that the power is in your hands. This moment is a really powerful time to recognize our own truth and power, and find people who can support us. I think a lot of shifts are taking place right now, until 2026 or 2027. I think it started in 2020, with the build up for many people beginning in 2019. 

Zoe Sakoutis: It’s 2023. What do you do between now and then? 

NM: Where are you not being truthful with yourself? Where is the body communicating to you that it needs to evolve, shift or adapt? What emotions or traumas have been kept in the body that need to be looked at? What ancestral stories exist? 

The theme for last year was polarity, and part of polarity is about identity. Last year, we were really discovering our true identities—the parts that we really wanted to shine and the parts that we weren’t yet stepping into. This year, the energetic theme is about moving on. We’re being asked, “What did you discover about yourself in 2022?” Now, in 2023, it’s action time.

ZS: How and when does that information come through to you?

NM: I’ve been a psychic ever since I was a kid. Growing up, I realized I could give messages to people when I was 16, when my mom invited me to a psychic circle.

I had a career in film for 10 years producing brand films, commercials and sports films. And then, life took a detour. I’ve always been really good at themes and patterns, and being able to zoom out of the micro and into the macro. I’ll ask to receive the energy of the year or the energy of the month. I encourage people to ask for the signs and messages, and to actually engage with the energy versus just sitting and waiting for the guidance to come to them. 

EH: You wrote a book called You Are Intuitive. I’m curious to know more about that, because I understand it’s a commonly held belief that everybody has some level of intuition. How can we tap into it if it’s not something that feels comfortable or familiar?  

NM: Sometimes we need to look at what’s blocking us from connecting to our intuition, whether it’s social, religious or past life conditioning. One simple way is, when you get up in the morning and shower, use the water to cleanse your body and aura, and ask your guides—because we all have a spirit team—to step forward and ask, “What do I need to know today?” Notice where your mind wanders, how you feel in your body and what imagery comes up. I always say that our intuitive messages come through in day-to-day life. 

ZS: Do you practice more with the collective or individuals?  

NM: For me, it’s all the same. When I have a session with someone, I just start talking and I see what comes up. They show me various time lines—things that happened to them at age 10, age 24—and I often see patterns. For me, seeing the pattern and time line is the message and guidance for the healing that the person needs. There’s no differentiation between me channeling a collective and personal message.

ZS: When you say “they,” is it my “they,” or is it your team talking to you? 

NM: I’m working with your guides—your team and my team. I’m acting as an intermediary, like a radio receiver, to connect your team and loved ones to my team, so that I can share the information that wants to come through.

ZS: When talking about ancestors, what do you think happens after death? 

NM: I believe that our soul moves on to a different body and we reincarnate. A great book about this is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. I believe that we go someplace else; we’re in this liminal, bardo state and then we are reincarnated into a different body. People then always ask, “Well, who are you connecting to then? If you’re doing mediumship and they’ve moved on, who are you connecting to?” We each leave an energetic imprint of ourselves at that time in that body.  

ZS: I’m going to need a diagram.

NM: You have to think with a logical brain. That’s the funny thing about the space-time continuum of sharing psychic messages. I know a lot of psychics won’t provide time lines because they say, “Well, what is the time line? Time is different on the other side. So, we only have human relativity to time.”

EH: Speaking of time lines, especially on a more global scale—you mentioned a shift started in 2019. What actually shifted?

NM: I had many conversations with other intuitives and healers in 2019 asking, “What’s the elephant in the room for 2020?” There was a palpable buildup of the energy. What those moments showed us is that we’re being asked to be more value-driven, and to lead from the heart. What do we want? How is it important to us? What’s in the shadows of our intimate relationships, friendships and family dynamics? The energy right now is stripping everything back. We’re also in this “moving on” energy, which is getting us closer to what lights us up. I see that people are having massive transformational breakthroughs, and it’s really powerful to witness.

I think what everyone is really being called to right now is community; community, family and people. And it’s whatever you identify as family. There is a real desire to be connected to the land that you’re on, and to the people that surround you. This year is all about nourishment: nourishing our bodies, souls, fun and joy.

ZS: How do you operate out of a place of true, authentic intuition?

NM: Sometimes it’s about being completely honest with ourselves. It’s about not lying to ourselves when we intuitively feel that something is off, but want to keep pushing forward. 

The intuitive message will come in, give you the message, and leave. It will have an energy behind it that it feels like it’s dropping in a piece of information and then it will leave. The anxiety/fear brain will give you the information, and then it will be whirring around. Sometimes the intuitive message doesn’t make sense. Then we try and rationalize it and make sense of it, and actually end up making less sense of it. It’s not only the information that’s intuitive, but our bodies, too. It’s also about knowing how your body feels and where you hold your emotions on a day-to-day basis. 

ZS: We need to be especially present, more than ever before. How do we put that into practice and exist more in the now?

NM: Breathwork is a really powerful tool to bring you back into the present moment. Nourishing your body with your favorite food or drink can be powerful, too. Maybe you’re someone who loves to move their body, and you feel most in the present moment while sweating. Maybe you’re someone who needs to sit near a tree and do nothing, and that’s what you need to be in the present moment. These practices are all about moving energy: moving stuck, stagnant energy through the body so that we can feel more like ourselves—where we’re clear of all fears, doubts, exterior news information, that thing that your partner just told you that really pissed you off and that you need to process. 

ZS: What were the best and worst years that you predicted? Did you see 2020 coming?

NM: I said that in 2020 there was going to be a global health crisis. 2020 has come through as a massive turning point. There was so much pressure on people wanting 2021 to be better. We’ve had such a trying year. As we build through to 2026 and 2027, you doing you, you being in your authentic self, you being in your true identity, is the most powerful thing you could do right now. That energy and frequency then ripples to your friends, family members, and to everyone that’s around you. This energetic frequency then inspires them to be their authentic selves, and for them to communicate their truths. And in the end, that’s what we’re all being asked to do right now.


Psychic medium, writer and speaker Natalie Miles