Saved By The Milk Cleanse

After years of undiagnosed health challenges, entrepreneur Jody Levy found healing through a very unexpected, medically supervised, goat-milk cleanse regimen. Here, she shares her wellness journey.
The LabElymental Milk Cleanse restores balance and vitality. Photo: Jody Levy

Let me start by explaining that I am a ‘won’t take no for an answer,’ high-octane achiever. Nothing gets in my way. This is the story of how The Milk Cleanse saved my life.

I went undiagnosed with mold disease (aka CIRS, or chronic inflammatory response syndrome), and 13 types of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses for 18 years. It took all that time to discover that I was suffering from what I call biotoxic illness (imbalances caused by exposure to environmental toxins). I was first introduced to The Milk Cleanse protocol and Dr. Linda Lancaster (now my business partner) in 2016. I learned that Dr. Lancaster, a board-certified naturopathic and homeopathic physician, had used The Milk Cleanse to treat symptoms associated with invisible illness, including parasites and Lyme disease (among many other things) for over 40 years.

This protocol is an eight-day, milk-only cleanse, plus coffee, which is my saving grace. For the record, prior to this I did not drink milk. I was an avid believer in functional medicine and the new world order of high protein, clean veggies and good fats. I still am. I thought it was crazy to drink milk, but I was truly at the point where I could not live with the anguish in my body.

With nothing to lose, I drank only full-fat goat milk for eight days. I carried it around with me everywhere. I took The Milk Cleanse supplements every two hours. I spent a lot of time in The Milk Cleanse therapeutic, detoxifying baths. By the third day, I started to feel incredibly alive, with energy moving through my body that I hadn’t felt in decades. Day by day I felt clearer, looser, freer. After eight days, my brain bounced back, my memory sharpened, my vision cleared and body aches faded. I had the endurance to hike a mountain trail. A few days later, I danced until sunrise. I was alive in a way I had not been for decades. I didn’t believe it would last. It took me six full months before I started to truly know that I had done the impossible, that I had alleviated the suffering in my body caused by mold and Lyme.

On day eight of my first cleanse, I called Dr. Lancaster and told her we needed to make it available to anyone who needed it. She was in!

We now know so much about the way the brain gets triggered and programmed, especially when we suffer from invisible illness. As we clear the body, we also have to tune the mind. Once I did The Milk Cleanse, I could not find a tool that helped repattern my brain from the years of disbelief, doubt and physical pain. I worked with Lisa Wimberger, a neuroplasticity pioneer and Neurosculpting inventor, to help eliminate PTSD triggers that were creating phantom pain. The Neurosculpting worked fast. I used guided modules that Lisa had created for me, and the imprint of pain dissolved.

I knew we needed to share this information with everyone we could. We devised a brain-repatterning iPhone app called NeuroPraxis with a library of five- to 15-minute guided modules designed to address all types of imbalances. The modules help relieve and potentially reset post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress triggers—patterns in the limbic system, the midbrain. In this age where surviving the day-to-day can seem arduous, our NeuroPraxis app is a tool that anyone can use to help find relief. A module for “release” can be found on our website to try before downloading the full app: Find NeuroPraxis on the App Store. The Milk Cleanse and NeuroPraxis are tools often used together to optimize sustained well-being.