Pure Potentiality

Three ways to activate the power within.


Christy Whitman offers actionable tips to help manifest your dream life.

By Christy Whitman

Ditch the corporate job to pursue your heartfelt passion? Trade in the lifeless marriage or dead-end relationship to create space for a whole new experience of intimacy? From time to time, we all fantasize about total life reinventions such as these. Having established a certain way of being in the world, we often want nothing more than to flip that familiar script and experience an entirely different side of life.

But what you may not know is that desires like these are neither whimsical nor unrealistic. And in fact, by leaning into your desire to reinvent yourself, you could usher in an entirely new level of consciousness and way of life. This is what’s possible for those courageous enough to open up to the realm of pure potentiality, the limitless, unbounded possibility available to each one of us in every single moment and in each situation. It’s the domain of pure consciousness that underlies every living thing; the wellspring where all creation is born.

Think of it this way: We all have thousands of possible future selves that we could—through the power of our focus and our receptivity—manifest into full expression. Each new “now” brings us an opportunity to declare what’s most important, and to bring our energy into alignment with those values. Here are three universal principles to help you activate the power of pure potentiality in your life:

Principle No. 1: Everything is energy.

Everything we are, everything we now have, and everything we desire to create, is made up of energy. In some areas of our lives, this energy sings with clarity and perfection. In others, it feels fixed, unmoving and oppressive. But in truth, energy is forever malleable, and its frequency can always be brought to a higher level.

The energetic frequency of our lives is the reason we love or loathe them. And this frequency is entirely under our control.

Principle No. 2: What you focus on, you create.

What you consistently focus on, you magnetize into your life. Maybe you’ve noticed that when your focus is on everything you don’t like, you become a magnet for situations that displease you. But when you resonate with the vibration of what you desire, you draw its energy into your life. The only difference between a life that sings with clarity and one that is filled with chaos is the lightness or the density of the vibrational tone you’re offering. That’s it.

Principle No. 3: If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

Once you accept that you’re an energetic being living in an energetic universe, you’re ready to activate the full power of pure potentiality. As you hold your expanded reality as part of your consciousness, that reality begins to coalesce around you.

And so, allow yourself to conjure, imagine and energetically connect with the most beautiful, self-expressed, abundant version of you. Release the versions of yourself that have been before, and fall in love with your potentiality. There is no limit to the amount of happiness you can experience. There is absolutely no limit to how much love, laughter, excitement or satisfaction you can feel. There is truly nothing that is out of your reach. Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve. watchyourwords.com