Sexual Healing

Uncover and communicate erotic desires for optimum wellness.
Understand your erotic personality type to experience peak pleasure. Photography by Morgan Maassen

By Miss Jaiya

What is somatic sexology? Soma means “of the body.” Somatic sexology is a practice dedicated to finding the answers about what is pleasurable, or not, where pains of the physical and sometimes emotional nature are stored. It is also about creating a space to find the truths that the body has to share so that the client can optimize for connection and pleasure.

Unlike traditional therapy or psychology, this practice is deeply rooted in discovery through the body rather than the mind. For over two decades, I have been educating my clients about their bodies through this practice and the practice of Sexological Bodywork created by Joseph Kramer. Much of this work is dedicated to restoring health, wellness and sexual vitality to the client and empowering them with a deeper knowledge and practical tools to access pleasure and health.

Sexual health should not be an afterthought. It is an indicator of overall health. For instance, erectile challenges may be an indicator of health issues. Changes in the tissues of the vagina may indicate hormonal shifts that can be addressed before they evolve into more critical issues. And pain in the pelvic floor can be an indicator of many different issues.

Being vital, active and happy in our sexuality helps reduce stress, increase the effectiveness of our immune systems and bathes our bodies in feel-good hormones. This is why I believe it is important to put pleasure first.

In working with so many bodies, I discovered patterns in people’s pleasure. I discovered that what turns some people on can be another person’s absolute turn-off. Over the years, these discoveries evolved into seeing five predominant erotic personality types. When you know your primary type, you have more avenues to experiencing pleasure exactly the way your body wants it. These are the types:

The Energetic, who loves anticipation, tease and distance. It’s in the wanting where they find their turn-on. Often, Energetics relate to sexuality as a path to spiritual awakening.

The Sensuals, who bring artistry to sex. They love all their senses—taste, touch, sound—being ignited in just the right way.

The Sexuals, who bring play and ease to sex. They love direct genital touch, nudity and, of course, orgasms.

The Kinky types may prefer psychological games of power and submission, or intense physical sensation, or both. We define kinky as “Whatever is taboo for you.”

The Shapeshifter loves it all. They can be highly skilled lovers and have a voracious appetite for erotic play.

Each blueprint has shadow sides, places of inhibition, blocks and brakes around pleasure. If we are out of balance in physical, hormonal, emotional or energetic health, our sex life will suffer. It’s empowering to become your own sex detective, and get the tools to help you have the most fulfilling sex life ever. Find your blueprint type with our Erotic Blueprint quiz at