Pure Picks: Editor’s Picks

Purist founder Cristina Cuomo’s top selects for a comfortable, glowing season.
Me and my Carolina after Alicia Cook of Revolve Hair in Southampton beautifully cut and styled our hair for a mommy-daughter date—plus, her new Oribe scalp conditioning treatment is intoxicating! She will be offering mini-treatments at our Purist Health Fair on July 7 at the Southampton Arts Center from 11AM to 2PM.
“This high-phenolic olive oil is a daily must, especially throughout the different life stages we go through.” Kyoord high-phenolic olive oil, $49, kyoord.com
“You must visit the new Hermès store in Aspen!” Cheval Au Faubourg embroidered plaid in cashmere, $18,000, hermes.com
“Improve brain functionality, heart health and the immune system with shilajit’s antioxidant properties.” Manna Vitality, $111, mannavitality.com
“Summer in a bag—this faux grass garden-collab has a monogrammable charm.” Court grass clutch, $425, mmemink.com
“This is the most comfortable, supportive bra I’ve ever worn.” Tee System, $48, nuudiisystem.com


“It’s an oxygen facial in a jar—pure cellular repairing and anti-aging properties.” Purely Prana activated oxygen infused jojoba cream, $43, purelyprana.com