Kambel Smith’s Montauk Tribute

The sculptor presents an intricate replica of the Montauk Point Lighthouse and other captivating sculptures in a show at the Carl Fisher House.
“Montauk Point Lighthouse,” 2023

By Jim Servin

Gallerist and collector Adam Lindemann has commissioned Kambel Smith, a Philadelphia sculptor, to create two works—replicas of the Montauk Point Lighthouse and the Guggenheim Museum—to be shown for nine days, beginning of August 19, in Montauk at Carl Fisher House. Additional contributions from Smith include a 10-foot Statue of Liberty and a replica of Robert Indiana’s “Love” sculpture.  “Kambel is a self-taught artist who has a practice of creating famous buildings from memory,” says Lindemann, who credits Chris Byrne, co-founder of the Dallas Art Fair, for bringing Smith to his attention. The South Etna Montauk Foundation, created by Lindemann and wife Amalia Dayan and celebrating its third year, is producing the show. “I wanted to find an artist who would create something for the people of Montauk,” says Lindemann. “Chris said, ‘What do you think of Kambel Smith?’ Kambel agreed to do the lighthouse, and we were off to the races.”

“Love Park,” 2023
“Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,” 2023

Smith identifies as “autisarian,” reframing autism as a superpower. His intricate cardboard sculptures have been purchased by the American Folk Art Museum, the West Collection and private investors. “I’ve done several shows with outsider artists like Joseph Yoakum, who was self-taught, and Shinichi Sawada, an autistic ceramicist,” says Lindemann. “They express something unusual, and it reaches an audience. This show checks all the boxes. The lighthouse is for Montauk, the Guggenheim is for the art world. There’s something for everyone.” Free, from August 19-27, with proceeds benefiting the Montauk Historical Society. montaukhistoricalsociety.org