Breathe Easy

Meet Sepideh Eivazi, founder of Dawn of the Earth, and a passionate advocate with an innovative spirit for holistic wellness.

Sepideh Eivazi is the proud founder of Dawn of the Earth—a unique platform that combines the healing modalities of somatic breath work with bespoke tea blending. A recognized member of the Breathe Initiative at Global Wellness Institute, she educates and impacts others by sharing the power of breath work to empower the body and nervous system. This is accomplished by allowing an individual to have access to an inner and elevated state of being through a guided breath work. “The wisdom of breath held within each breath grants liberation, enabling us to transcend the boundaries that confine us and discover our true potential beyond limitations,” says Eivazi. “That’s our true power!”

As a master tea blender, Eivazi has honed her craft over the years living in Iran for 20 years, curating exquisite tea blends that not only tantalize the taste buds but also offer profound healing benefits. Her passion for herbs and tea goes beyond its flavors and aromas. Sepideh recognizes the power of tea as a vehicle for connection, self-care and mindfulness. Through her unique blends, she invites individuals to embark on a sensory journey, nurturing their bodies, soothing their souls and awakening their senses to the beauty of the present moment. 

In addition to her expertise in tea blending and being a somatic breath work practitioner, she also employs EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to tap into a deeper understanding of the transformative power of conscious breathing. She guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. Through her compassionate and intuitive approach, Eivazi helps individuals unlock their potential, release emotional blockages and cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness. Her somatic breath work sessions are known for their ability to create profound shifts in individuals’ lives, empowering them to navigate challenges, find inner peace and live authentically. 

Eivazi leading a meditative breath work journey at Topping Rose House

Eivazi’s impact extends far beyond individual transformation. She is a tireless advocate for collective healing and social change. By integrating her passion for tea and breath work, she has created initiatives that promote community well-being and environmental sustainability. From partnering with fair-trade suppliers to supporting local farmers, Eivazi is committed to ethical sourcing practices that benefit both people and the planet. Through her work, she inspires individuals to embrace conscious consumption and make choices that contribute to a more harmonious world. 

Sepideh is a visionary leader who believes that wellness is not a destination but a journey. She dedicated her life to making a positive impact in the world through her expertise with a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between mind, body, and soul. Sepideh has embarked on a mission to empower individuals to embrace holistic well-being and live their lives to the fullest.;