The Joy of Life

An inside look into the colorful, harmonious world of painter-designer Petra McGrath.

For the second year in a row, The Joy of Life, an exhibition by painter and designer Petra McGrath, has been staged in the beautiful premises of the Four Seasons Hotel Prague, where the artist has charmed many local and foreign guests and art collectors. 

McGrath’s works, such as the abstract series of large-format paintings Happy People, which radiate joy, optimism, modernity and light, are among the most popular. In her work and interpretations, there is an extraordinary but distinct harmonious balance of will to purposeful intent, along with spontaneity and improvisation. This symbiosis is a key character in the individuality and energy of her paintings. 

McGrath’s sources of personal inspiration are mainly her attention and visual sensitivity to the environment, light, colors, distinctions and common denominators of cultures. They are also a testament to the artist’s extraordinary receptiveness, which amplifies her healthy sovereignty of her work in the context of distinguishing between the cultures, nature and their color range. The vibrating color scheme is, above all, a source of timeless joy, energy and free personal interpretations in the abstract part of her work. 

Petra’s paintings are a unique example of harmonic combinations of figurative elements within color abstractions with hints of spatial perception and original compositions. These figurative images are an example of the healthy symbolism of human existence, again colorfully and compositionally confidently and purposefully mastered in understanding and joy, often playful to humorous personal interaction. Even the names of the paintings—“Fish Can Fly,” “Clarity & Faith,” “Faster Than Light,” “Chance” and “Waves of Love”—testify to the distinctive and perfectly communicated imagination of the author. 

Petra’s work is unique in its deep understanding of the human deal, environment, joy, nature and its personal artistic, and visual interpretation of the present in harmony and understanding with its hidden and shared references to certain traditions of our cultures, which are a valuable example of the artistic and intellectual intelligence of the author in her work.