Editor’s Letter

It Takes A Village
At Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona


With my family, Maria Cuomo Cole, my sister Andrea, mother-in-law Matilda, and sister-in-law Madeline Cuomo O’Donoghue at our Purist event for Adapt at Mackage on Madison

Creating a community of friends and family is one of the primary pillars of wellness. It is, in fact, one of the tenets of Blue Zones and longevity. As spring has sprung, a time for rebirth and renewal, it is often forgotten that those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and depression are not assuaged by the transition season of longer and warmer days. The escalating anxiousness of the world has caused social withdrawal and irritability everywhere. It is now more important than ever to engage kindly with the people in your immediate community, and Mother’s Day is the great reminder to draw on the divine feminine influences in one’s life. 

My yoga mom tribe, Gabby Karan de Felice and Erika Halwei

My own mother, queen Regina, my mother-in-law, Matilda, my sister Andrea, my cousin Nina, my sisters-in-law, Margaret, Maria and Madeline, and my friends, some featured here, are pure inspiration and nourishment to me. We create Purist gatherings and wellness retreats (like the Canyon Ranch diary featured in this issue, or the forthcoming post-Mother’s Day retreat at the new award-winning The Ranch location) to bring the community pillar of wellness to life. Our curated experiences have gathered together incredible women, where time spent sharing stories and adventures is fulfilling beyond measure. 

Inspiring mamas with me at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. From left: Nina Edwards Anker, Sara Mendell, Emma Pilkington Goergen, Sasha Lazard, Heidi Krupp

This issue’s Oscar-winning cover star, Laura Dern, also a mother we admire, teaches us the secret to happiness. As one of the mega-stars of the new dark comedy Palm Royale, Dern gracefully balances a challenging career as one of Hollywood’s leading actresses with raising two college-age kids. And in doing so, her ability to be in the present and appreciate all that exists in her life is where she finds meaning.

Happy Mother’s Day—may we find meaning in every moment.