House of Spirits

Welcome to La Casa Dragones, where world-class hospitality meets extraordinary sipping tequila experiences in the heart of San Miguel de Allende.
Obsidian Bar at La Casa Dragones. Photo: Douglas Friedman

By Jim Servin

Innovation, quality, luxury, sustainability, and Mexican design and craftsmanship, all hallmarks of Casa Dragones tequila, are majestically embodied in a grand setting for sipping, the newly renovated La Casa Dragones, a collaborative project between Meyer Davis studio, Ana Elena Mallet, Marco Martinez Valle, Raul Cabra and many others. 

The four-bedroom home, dating back to 1671, showcases some of the most significant pieces of mid-century Bajío and contemporary Mexican design, a period characterized by outstanding workmanship, natural materials and organic shapes. “It was important for us to honor the historic heritage of the property, while still presenting a modern hospitality space for sipping tequila in San Miguel de Allende,” says Bertha González Nieves, co-founder and CEO of Casa Dragones.

The colonial-style entrance to the 17th-century property. Photo: Douglas Friedman

Originally the 17th-century stables of the Dragones cavalry, now transformed into an award-winning design project, La Casa Dragones achieved its distinguished refresh by preserving its historical significance while integrating modern elements. Key architectural features such as the colonial-style facade and traditional interior layouts remained intact.

“Each of the rooms was modernized with handmade mid-century Bajío pieces, inspired by the house and by Los Dragones of San Miguel de Allende,” says González Nieves.

The four-bedroom home blends tradition with contemporary Mexican design. Photo: Douglas Friedman

Highlights of the immersive La Casa Dragones experience include relaxing at the Obsidian Bar, created out of black obsidian stones harvested from Casa Dragones’ agave fields. “One can feel transported to our rich volcanic soil, in the heart of Tequila, Jalisco, where we produce our sipping tequilas,” says González Nieves. Here, Meyer Davis studio incorporated elements like the arched vault to reflect the original structures behind the home’s architecture. The Rooftop Bar, with its couches and fire pit, is the ideal setting for Sunset Sipping, during which guests learn about the craftsmanship of Casa Dragones’ sipping tequilas, while taking in the panorama of San Miguel de Allende’s “Parroquia” church and the surrounding city. 

La Casa Dragones’ guests can enjoy an in-depth exploration of four styles of sipping tequila; local restaurants provide tasty small bites to accompany each tequila expression. Reserve for private events and book other special occasions such as its Sipping Tequila Reception and Pairing Dinners. “We have worked with renowned chefs, such as Olivier Deboise and Daniela Soto-Innes, to create once-in-a-lifetime pairing dinner experiences at La Casa Dragones,” says González Nieves. “La Casa Dragones is the spiritual home of Casa Dragones tequila.”