Revolve Hair: Rooted In Nature

The coveted Hamptons salon expands to NYC. A first look inside Revolve Hair's newly launched West Village location, with founder Alicia M. Cook.
The Revolve team is dedicated to sustainability and continuous growth. Photo: Alena Kostromina

By Jenna Lebovits

PURIST: How would you describe the brand philosophy behind your new salon location?

ALICIA M. COOK: The philosophy is rooted in the many meanings of the word “revolve.” We focus on personalized experiences that meet unique needs and wishes, along with thoughtful innovation and care. We aim to be a place of transformation and elegance, offering services that reflect our commitment to ongoing improvement, sharp understanding, and a perfect mix of creativity and precision, making our new spot in the West Village is a destination and a sanctuary for beauty and self-renewal.

PURIST: Can you share with us the ethos that drives your salon’s approach to beauty and wellness?

AC: Our ethos is centered on delivering a transformative hair care experience that champions inclusivity and fosters a sense of rejuvenation. We cultivate a professional sanctuary where respect, admiration and a commitment to artistic expression through hair evoke happiness and self-love. This approach is underpinned by values of communication, empowerment, integrity, support and growth, fostering an environment where beauty is recognized as a holistic experience encompassing the mind, body and soul.

PURIST: What inspired the decision to launch a new location in the vibrant West Village neighborhood?

AC: The West Village is celebrated for its artistic legacy and cultural vibrancy, which reflects our dedication to creativity, innovation and community spirit. The choice to open here springs from a wish to join a neighborhood that cherishes artistic expression and uniqueness. My team and I are excited to add to the local culture of beauty and wellness with Revolve’s distinct approach and philosophy, and to become part of this dynamic area’s fabric.

PURIST: How do you differentiate your service offerings at this new location compared to your existing one?

AC: We are elevating our signature services by integrating unique experiences and treatments designed specifically for the neighborhood’s clientele. This effort includes broadening our sustainable beauty practices, launching exclusive partnerships with eco-conscious brands and shaping a salon atmosphere that mirrors the artistic and cultural flourish of the West Village. My team and I share a commitment to constantly enhancing our services through robust education and staying ahead of industry trends. By employing the most modern hair techniques and offering personalized service, we ensure Revolve Hair is at the forefront of haircare innovation. Our teams dedication to professional growth means that every visit to our salon is an opportunity for clients to experience the latest in haircare excellence, tailored to their individual needs.

PURIST: Could you walk us through the unique experiences and treatments that clients can expect at your West Village salon?

AC: Clients at our West Village salon can anticipate a suite of bespoke services and treatments designed around our holistic approach to beauty. From hair care rituals that incorporate sustainably sourced products to personalized styling sessions that consider the individual’s wellness and aesthetic preferences—every aspect of the client’s journey is enriched with mindfulness toward environmental responsibility, personalized luxury services and self-care.

Revolve Hair founder Alicia M. Cook. Photo: Alena Kostromina

PURIST: In what ways do sustainability and ethical practices play a role in your salon’s operations and services?

AC: Embodying sustainability and ethical practices is fundamental to our operations, allowing us to offer luxury services in a way that respects the environment and promotes well-being. Revolve Hair was founded with the intention to be better every day, in practice and in thinking. The salon is a testament to our dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint while delivering high-quality, personalized experiences that align with our clients’ values and preferences.

PURIST: How do you envision your salon contributing to the cultural and beauty scene in the West Village community?

AC: I envision our salon as a beacon of creativity and self-care within the West Village community. By embracing our ethos of holistic beauty, I aim to inspire a deeper connection to one’s sense of self, the environment and the community. We’re not only a salon but a space where individuals can explore and express their unique beauty, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the West Village.

Pamper yourself with Revolve’s signature treatments at 225 W. 12th Street. Photo: Alena Kostromina

PURIST: Can you share any exclusive collaborations or partnerships that will be featured at the new location?

AC: In step with Revolve Hair’s commitment to sustainability and personalized luxury, the West Village salon will boast exclusive collaborations and partnerships with leading eco-conscious and wellness brands. These collaborations will be designed to enrich our clients’ experiences, offering unique opportunities to engage with luxury products and services that align with each individual’s well-being and aesthetic desires.

PURIST: What message do you hope clients take away from their experience at your salon, and how do you see this shaping the future of beauty and wellness in the community?

AC: We hope clients will embrace their visit not just as a routine appointment, but as a meaningful journey toward beauty, wellness and self-discovery. Our goal is for each individual to leave feeling aesthetically refreshed and emotionally rejuvenated, carrying with them a sense of empowerment and a deeper understanding of how beauty can be a harmonious balance between external allure and internal well-being. We envision our salon’s influence extending beyond the mirror, shaping a community-wide dialogue about beauty as an inclusive, holistic and ethical practice. This will not only enrich our clients’ lives, but also contribute to a broader cultural shift toward more sustainable, conscious and individualized concepts of beauty and wellness in the West Village and beyond. Each aspect of our salon’s philosophy, ethos and offerings is designed to emphasize well-being, sustainability and personalized luxury, ensuring that each client’s experience is as unique and luxurious as their individual needs and desires demand.