Fashion Repurposed With A Purpose

Step into the bold, sustainable world of Morphew.
From left: Bridgette Morphew, Jason Lyon, Alexandra Schoen Vega, Joel Alexander Morales. Photo courtesy of Morphew

By Jenna Lebovits

The powerhouses behind Morphew—design veterans Bridgette Morphew and Jason Lyon—are proudly anti-fast fashion, and know that a sustainable life can be a luxurious one. “We wanted to show the luxury consumer that you can be fully ethical, fully sustainable and still have top-tier, beautiful things,” says Lyon, Morphew’s creative director. 

The lifestyle brand’s premier line, Morphew Ateliér, utilizes specially-sourced antique and archival heirloom textiles, handwoven fabrics from the 1920s and Victorian laces. “Some are very old and needed special laundering. Most manufacturers would never go through that hell,” says Lyon. “We’re more expensive because you have to pay for that labor, but then you know that you’re saving things.”

Visit Morphew Southampton at 56 Hampton Road. Photo courtesy of Morphew

Morphew says the duo are about discovering, preserving and sharing the essence and creativity of fashion’s past while infusing it into the future. The brand carries both original vintage heirloom pieces alongside their original creations that transform vintage and sustainable materials into new designs (with its Morphew Collection and Ateliér). “Vintage is in our DNA,” says Lyon. “We have been selling couture for decades, both online as a premier seller with our partners at as well as on our own website. We have studied the best and we utilize those techniques in our original creations.” But Morphew doesn’t offer just any vintage item; they describe themselves as “design first, designer second.” According to Lyon, “We’ll carry Chanel, but it has to be cool Chanel.”

With decades of experience working with the world’s greatest fashion houses—Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others—Morphew has risen to the top as the go-to brand for high-quality, made-to-last luxury gowns, eveningwear and more. Customers often liken shopping at Morphew to exploring a museum. Each of the brand’s locations across NYC, Miami and Southampton are curated based on the aesthetic of the local clientele. “In Miami, it was very colorful, sexy,” says Morphew. “Lots of Versace.” 

Morphew Ateliér 1940s Mariniere & Hand Crochet Lace Dress. Photo: Matt Wolf

At the Southampton location, with its antique-inspired wallpaper and Victorian touches, Lyon and Morphew are excited to offer a roundup of fresh summer items—smoky citrine crystals handpicked from Madagascar, a high-vibe sacred geometry yoga wear line and a sustainable pet apparel collection—all in collaboration with artists from the East End and beyond. Each of Morphew’s three locations center the sensorial experience of the customer, thanks to a well-educated staff and vibrant, evocative decor and garments.