The Language of Skin

Eighth Day’s bioidentical formulations pack a powerful punch.
Regenerative Serum

Eighth Day skin’s name reflects its philosophy — the cycle of time is measured in seven days — and the brand is synonymous with timelessness and renewal. What is timeless is also ageless. Committed to creating products
 for all skin types, all of the brand’s formulas are bioidentical, utilizing synthesized ingredients that are biologically identical to the molecules already found in your skin. By doing so, they speak the language of skin and communicate directly to skin cells in their own native tongue, harnessing the power of modern skin technology to effect real results.

Developed by dermatological surgeon Dr. Antony Nakhla, the cult favorite Regenerative Serum is powered by a patented formula featuring the highest concentration of Eighth Day’s proprietary Peptide-rich Plasma. Potent bioidentical actives speak the language of skin to address the 10 visible signs of skin aging with hydrating hyaluronic, alpha lipoic and glycolic acids, the potent antioxidant manuka honey, niacinamide, and more.