The New Natural

Biography is a celebration of clean beauty, minimalism and high performance.

“Biography was founded out of the belief that the secret to beautiful skin lies in natural oils and not synthetic moisturizers,” shares brand founder and CEO Linda Thompson. “I discovered face oils through a French pharmacist who custom-blended one for me that worked miracles. It was at that moment when I became oil-obsessed.”

Biography is a plant-based skin care brand that embraces minimalism. It’s not about having less, but about choosing wisely. Its products are carefully formulated with oil-infused, high-performing ingredients for visible results. Only using what’s necessary, you get the most effective results from the gentlest treatment, without any unnecessary fillers.

The skin care brand is for people who love their face, embrace their story, and welcome change as a positive force. It’s also people who are looking for a new source of beauty—people who are dissatisfied with the dirty ingredients, unsustainable practices and ineffective fluff out there.

I used my learnings to launch my ultimate story, called Biography, in 2020,* shares Thompson. “Biography activates the highest quality natural oils to create visibly effective skincare products. While the core of the Biography line is the 3 Facial Oils, we are expanding our reach to hands and body. Your face is the soundtrack of your life. In essence it is your biography, showing the impact of the sun, stress, joy and environment on your personal journey.”

Every milligram and micropixel of Biography exists in harmony with your skin, the planet and each other, all coming together in a new approach to natural beauty that’s anything but boring. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, ethically gathered and packaged in recyclable, Earth-friendly ways.