What Wellness Means To Me: Teresa Palmer

The founder of the organic supplement line Lovewell tells Purist about her approach to well-being
Australian actress and wellness champion Teresa Palmer. Photo: Gemma Pranita

By Jim Servin

What wellness practices do Aussies do best? 

Self-care in the sun (with essential slip, slop, slap), getting some natural vitamin D. Our culture is all about being outdoors, keeping up the rays, heading to the beach or having bevvies with friends at a beer garden. 

Do you and your husband, actor Mark Webber, enjoy wellness rituals together? What are some of your favorites? 

We have an Eckhart Tolle book, A New Earth, that we read to each other, one chapter at a time; we discuss the meanings behind Eckhart’s teachings. His philosophy is somehow both simple and nuanced, so talking about it and then applying it to aspects of our life is a beautiful way to show up for each other, and for our relationship. In such a busy household, carving out time for each other helps sustain a positive and on-the-same-page outlook. 

What does an ideal day of wellness look like for you?

Wake up, drink a big glass of lemon water, take the dogs for a hike to the Hollywood sign, which is near our home, come home and replenish with Lovewell’s Life and Element, supercharging my hydration and boosting my nutrients (and metabolism). Then I’ll get some work done, read scripts, play with the girls, make them a Lovewell smoothie around lunchtime and have some for myself, too. I often have a swim in the pool in the afternoon with my mum and the girls before driving the one-hour commute to pick the boys up from school. I usually take the drive on my own, and I’ll catch up on the Expanded podcast, which is a poddy that blends science, consciousness and manifesting.

We’ll get home after school, cook a healthy plant-based meal, sit out by the fire pit and catch up with the kids about their day, and then it’s a Dream Lovewell sleepy-time drink before bed for all of us (we love it served warm and frothed for the perfect before-bed ritual) then books, teeth, all four kids in bed followed by a relaxing bubble bath for me! 

Tell us about your vision for your organic supplement line, Lovewell. 

It has really exploded in such an organic way. We are currently direct to consumer; we have an incredible amount of return customers, and the word of mouth has been mind-blowing. At Lovewell, we pride ourselves on being very transparent, and would prefer to have smaller margins and quality ingredients, so that it’s reachable for as many people as possible. Once we introduced humic and fulvic acid formulation in Element, the brand skyrocketed because of the incredible hair growth results we were seeing. It was so unexpected that initially we struggled to keep up with the demand. Now the system is flowing beautifully. We are excited to go into retailers soon, start up subscriptions, launch a couple new products and take it all to the next level.

You’ve played a lot of enchanted characters in Disney and other films. What have you learned from them, and how do you bring enchantment into your daily life? 

I’m pretty woo-woo witchy! I definitely take after my character Diana Bishop from A Discovery of Witches. My friends come to me to host manifesting sessions at my home, which I’ve started doing on the regular. It’s been a huge part of my life, and seeing friends of mine really radically change the course of their life through setting and keeping intentions is very special.

Anything in particular you do to stay centered and focused while acting in TV series and films like the upcoming The Last Anniversary and Addition? 

I find writing cathartic—I have a journaling app called Day One that is easy to write in. I love a green juice and avocado toast every day, to get the rest of the day’s eating off to a good start. lovewell.earth