Finding Balance With ReactIVate

Optimize your health with next-level concierge IV hydration and vitamin infusions.

Founded in 2022 by two female registered nurses, Allisan Juliber and Jenna Perrell, reactIVate IV vitamin and wellness lounge aims to enhance health and vitality through personalized IV vitamin therapy and wellness services. By combining cutting-edge treatments with compassionate care, they strive to empower individuals to feel their best from the inside out. 

Personalized wellness plans are at the core of its services, recognizing that each individual’s health needs and wellness goals are unique. These customized plans are designed to address specific health concerns, dietary needs and lifestyle factors, ensuring that clients receive the most effective and tailored treatments possible. 

Providing targeted interventions that can more effectively address specific deficiencies or imbalances leads to quicker and more noticeable improvements in health and well-being. This comprehensive approach ensures that all clients achieve a balanced state of health that supports overall vitality and longevity. By identifying potential issues before they become significant problems, reactIVate helps clients maintain optimal health and prevent the onset of chronic conditions. 

What sets them apart from the rest is their background as former emergency room trauma nurses. Juliber and Perrell bring their unique skill set and profound understanding of the human body and its complexities. Their medical expertise enables them to administer treatments with the highest level of precision and safety, ensuring that all clients are in capable and experienced hands. 

Some of the services you can expect at reactIVate are customized wellness blood work and laboratory panels, IV vitamin drips, anti-aging drips such as NAD+ and stem cell infusions, medical weight loss programs, PRP with or without microneedling for facial rejuvenation or hair loss, and so much more in the comfort of your home or in their beautiful new lounge in Lindenhurst, New York. Through personalized wellness plans, they offer targeted, effective, and holistic care tailored to each individuals’ unique needs, encompassing preventative health care, as well as both acute and chronic illnesses. 

Their goal is simple: to create a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for all clients, empowering them to achieve their best health from the inside out.