Kroma’s Whole Body Health

Entrepreneur, mother of three and Kroma Wellness founder Lisa Odenweller speaks with Cristina Cuomo about feeding the physical body, mind and spirit.
Lisa Odenweller, Kroma Wellness founder. Photo courtesy of Kroma

CRISTINA CUOMO: You are such an inspiration to so many women. You figured out something pretty simple, that all health begins in the gut. So, what are we feeding ourselves? Kroma Wellness is a wildly successful brand that you launched a few years ago with a group of dynamic women who invested in you—people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Amy Schumer. You’re really optimizing health. You’re making it easy for us so we can have the dynamic lives that we want to live. You have a demanding career and life. What is it that’s fueling you?

LISA ODENWELLER: What’s fueling me most (besides Kroma) is gratitude. Having gratitude has helped me focus on all the gifts in my life versus all the things that have not gone my way, which I think is powerful. It’s what allows one person to see a situation as an opportunity or to be a victim. I have chosen to see each moment, good or bad, as an opportunity for me to learn, grow and overcome.

CC: Tell us about the philosophy behind Kroma.

LO: While I was studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2010, I learned that nearly 80 percent of our health is in our own control—and yet we are too quick to take a pill. The goal of Kroma is to take the complexity out of making healthy choices by creating nutrient-dense products that are incredibly nourishing and delicious but also require little to no effort. I think that’s key—the simplicity part. 

We launched in July 2021 with 18 Daily Essentials and our 5-Day Reset, which does exactly as it sounds—it gets you back on track, back in your body and helps you feel good (again). What I love about our Reset is that it focuses on nourishment—not starvation like so many other programs out there—which allows you to show up fully in life so that you feel fueled and optimized. The program has 10 nutrient-dense meals and beverages every day and is completely customizable to fit your lifestyle. It really is transformative, and people are constantly amazed at how elevated, energized and optimized they feel. The intention and outcome of our 5-Day Reset is very different to the current cleanse and detox culture. 

One of the things that was really important to me in creating the Reset was helping women understand that we don’t have to starve ourselves to look and feel good in our bodies. It truly is about making changes to habits and behavior that are easy and sustainable. Every food and beverage on the Reset is available as part of our Daily Essentials collection, which allows you to continue incorporating all the foods, beverages and supplements that you loved on the program into your everyday life.

As Bobbi Brown once shared with me, Kroma has “reinvented eating.” We just introduced five new products, including the first-ever gluten-free bone broth Ramen (with 15 grams of protein, collagen, coconut milk, turmeric and reishi), a Fasting Matcha loaded with superfoods that keeps you in your fast, a Super Granola with only 4 g of sugar, and two new Plant-Based Proteins with 20 g of protein, digestive enzymes and other incredible superfoods. We will always continue to innovate as we help support and simplify your life with nutritious foods and beverages. Later this month, we are launching our Kroma Protein Bundle.


The Kroma Protein Bundle delivers more than 52 grams of protein daily.  Photo courtesy of Kroma

The Kroma Protein Bundle: Easy, Effortless, Essential 

Research shows that 30 to 40 percent of Americans fail to meet their daily protein needs, leading to detrimental health outcomes such as bone and muscle loss, weakened immune function, and challenges in weight management. Because of how challenging it can be to consume enough daily protein, Kroma is introducing the first-ever High Protein Bundle, which delivers more than 52 grams of protein daily within a combination of four of the brand’s top-selling products. The bundle features the Beauty Matcha Latte (with 12 g of collagen protein, turmeric, ginger and medicinal mushrooms), Super Porridge, 24K Chicken Bone Broth and the new Vanilla Cinnamon Plant-Based Protein Powder.