Pure Picks: Erica Karsch

The co-founder and creative director of wellness empire Juice Press shares her favorites from the brand.
“At Juice Press, we’re on a mission to help people eat, feel and live better through access to fresh and nutritious food,” says Erica Karsch. “We are committed to nourishing our community with pure ingredients that promote vitality and inspire a culture and mindset of wellness.”
“This is more than an ordinary juice. It’s also my favorite mixer for summer. Paired with tequila, it makes the most exceptional cocktail that rivals any margarita.” Spicy Citrus, $10.50, juicepress.com


“The ultimate grab-and-go snack pack. It’s hard to pick favorites, but this is exactly what I would bring to the beach.” Assorted snacks, prices vary, juicepress.com
“Beauty in a bottle creates beauty from within. Drinking this superfood-packed blend is a powerful form of self-care. Hydrating and fueling yourself with nourishing ingredients is essential for glowing skin. Game On is a better-for-you, lemon-flavored hydration beverage. The best out there to replenish yourself or your kids on a hot day and/or while exercising.” Beauty and Game On, from $5.50, juicepress.com
“Low in sugar and packed with 65 nutrients, this is a delicious way to get all your veggies. With only 60 calories and 6 grams of sugar, this green blend gives you a boost any time of day.” Energizing Greens, $10.50, juicepress.com
“I loved doing this collaboration with Dr. Lara Devgan. Our 4ever Young smoothie might not stop time, but it does support hair, skin and nail health. Its ingredients include plant-based collagen, flax fiber, pitaya, cauliflower, strawberry and mango (low sugar and calories).” 4ever Young Smoothie, $11, juicepress.com