Sustainable Summer Style with Morphew Kids

A brand-new Morphew World Southampton exclusive arrives.


Photo courtesy of Morphew

By Megan Aubry

At Morphew World, we love to play. Cotton curtains, silks, antique lace, blankets, scarves, kimonos, and upholstery fabric are reimagined as our own original designs—and not an inch goes to waste. Every scrap, button and bauble is treasured by our talented team of designers and fabric artisans. The Morphew story continues in our new children’s line. For a limited time only, Morphew Kids offers colorful summer styles for children ages 1-7.

We use only the softest organic cottons and breathable vintage textiles for kid-friendly comfort. Sustainable and sweet, the quality of these fabrics is rarely found in modern textiles. 

Morphew’s creative director, Jason Lyon, with models wearing Morphew Collection Crochet Dresses. Photo: Matthew Wetcher

Crochet is an essential element of Morphew World’s designs. No machine can replicate this intricate craft—crochet needlework technique can only be performed only by a skilled human hand. Morphew Collection and Morphew Atelier feature fully crocheted dresses and crochet as a design embellishment on gowns and tops. Now, Morphew Kids allows youngsters to match their stylish moms in crochet pants and halter tops. They’re mixable and matchable in creams, blues, peaches and teal greens. The beauty of our favorite summer textile in our Morphew Kids line is its detail and breathability. Outdoor parties and beachside dress-ups are a summer breeze.

A family shopping experience awaits you and your crew this weekend: women’s, men’s, children’s and pets collections offer something for everyone at Morphew World Southampton. Dressing everyone with colorful vintage flair is a Fourth of July family photo waiting to happen.