The Magic of Longhouse Reserve

Immerse yourself in creative reflection this summer.

LongHouse Reserve inspires and empowers visitors of all ages to see and think in new ways, and to incorporate art and design and well-being into their everyday lives. It’s a place of peace, a laboratory for exploration of self, and an ongoing act of creation that is renewed by the diverse communities drawn to it.

The 16-acre integrated environment—which was created by artist, collector and world-renowned textile designer and weaver Jack Lenor Larsen—serves the Hamptons community with vast open space, as well as programs in art, nature and wellness, providing a sanctuary for those from Long Island and beyond. The sculpture garden features more than 60 outdoor works displayed in a lush garden of ideas. 

Permanent collection works by Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono, Toshiko Takaezu and Sol LeWitt hold the space for new loans every year to engage all. This summer, visit LongHouse to discover works by Maren Hassinger, Willem de Kooning, Kenny Scharf, Isamu Noguchi, Martha Russo, Agathe Snow, Mark Mennin, Paola Lenti and Ai Weiwei.