What Wellness Means to Me: Quincy Davis

The pro surfer and new mom tells Purist how she rides the waves of motherhood, and finds balance on and off the board.
Family time with Quincy Davis, husband Patrick Schmidt and baby Lilou. Photo: Mikey DeTemple. From left: women’s ditch plains daisy one piece, men’s surfside blue boardie, baby navy sun hat, baby navy diaper cover, all from minnow at minnowswim.com

Health has always been the most important thing to me. Being out in nature and surfing has not only been a great source of fitness but has also helped me stay grounded emotionally. There’s nothing like being in the water, feeling the fresh air and the sand beneath my feet. Now, with a baby, my schedule is very different, but with Lilou just starting to sleep through the night, I’m finally getting more restorative sleep that is so vital for my mental well-being.

Adjusting to motherhood and the intense hormonal changes has been challenging, so simple breathing and movement routines that keep me grounded are more important than ever. The key is consistency—a little “me time” every day. Being a mother is absolutely the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I have ever experienced and I love seeing her experience everything for the first time. 

I can’t wait for our family beach days—surfing, playing in the sand and spending entire days together by the ocean. These moments remind me of my own childhood, and I’m thrilled to create similar precious memories with my own family. She already caught her first wave at 7 months old!