A Holistic Approach

For former prima ballerina Mary Ann Browning, the secret to staying svelte during summer is balance.

With studios in Southampton and Manhattan, former prima ballerina Mary Ann Browning commands an impressive client roster, including Hamptons devotees Vera Wang, Candice Bergen and Samantha Boardman. She employs a patented exercise method and commonsense nutrition for her society flock—many of whom she says consume far too much protein. “Americans eat like they want to be sumo wrestlers,” the South African native observes. “It’s all protein and not enough complex carbohydrates so they don’t have energy, their brains don’t work well, they don’t feel full enough, everyone looks bloated and heavy.” Rye bread, brown rice, baked potatoes and vegetables are all Browning-approved carbs. The other secret to staying svelte during summer is “about balance,” she adds. “You can go out and have two tequilas, but you can’t also have the appetizer, the bread, the cheese and a protein the size of Somalia.” If you do blow it? Browning is forgiving. “Move on!” she says. “All is not lost. Just start again.”