Mr. Clean Eating

Donna and Gwyneth's nutrition and fitness guru, Dr. Frank Lipman, M.D., praises the power of keeping meals real.

By Joanna Powell

The go-to guru for Gwyneth Paltrow and Donna Karan, Dr. Frank Lipman, M.D. is known for his personal brand of East-meets-West medicine and holistic approach to fitness. The founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC—and a Northwest Woods homeowner—believes we can transform our bodies by simply eating “real food” that has not been altered, processed or injected with hormones and antibiotics. “I am all for eating meat, but I avoid factory-farmed meats and seek out grass-fed beef and organic free-range chickens,” he says. Favorite sources on the East End include Mecox Bay Dairy farms grass-fed meats, eggs and poultry from Iacono Farm in East Hampton and chickens from Browder’s Birds on the North Fork. Dr. Lipman also touts the organic produce found at local farmers markets and farm stands. “Have vegetables at every meal,” urges the Young and Slim for Life author. “And fill most of the space on your plate with them so you crowd out any junk food.”