Surfer Girl

A surf enthusiast and daughter of fashion powerhouse Cynthia Rowley, Kit Keenan reveals her favorite surfing memories (including surfing in heels!) and how she stays in tip-top shape to catch the perfect wave.
Kit Kennan in a Cynthia Rowley wetsuit getting ready to surf in Montauk. Photos by Madi Atkins

Where did you grow up?

Between New York City and Montauk.

What age did you begin surfing?

Around 13—too late in my opinion; I wish I had started earlier!

Favorite wave?

Ditch Plains when it’s clean, 3 to 4 feet, and the water is warm.

Kit at Ditch Plains, Montauk.

Best surf moment?

When I saw my little sister catch her first wave.

How does surfing make you feel?

It’s a mental escape, almost like meditation with a side of dance-party fun.

Most successful surf moment?

When I surfed in high heels for one of my mom’s videos.

Kit surfing Ditch Plains, Montauk.

Do you supplement surfing with other forms of exercise? If so, what?

I’m a super-active person so I definitely mix it up. My New Year’s resolution this year was to be active every single day and so far I’ve been successful! I like Pilates, running, cycling and old-fashioned plyometrics in the gym.

What does a typical day of meals look like?

I maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle and I don’t eat dairy. A typical day might start with a green protein smoothie, with a veggie sandwich/salad for lunch and grilled fish for dinner. Yum!

Best health tip to stay energized?

If I’m feeling sleepy, adding matcha to my protein smoothies always gives me a little boost.

Favorite surfboard?

I love to steal my mom’s 10-foot Josh Hall. When the conditions aren’t stellar, it’s always fun to goof around on kook boards (foam boards my mom and I design together). “Go foam or go home!”

Kit wearing one of her mother’s eponymously named wetsuits. Cynthia Rowley wetsuits available at her store in Montauk.

Favorite surf gear—wetsuit? swimsuit?

My favorite wetsuit is one my mom did a few seasons ago: It’s a fully metallic gold color.

Surf mantra/saying you love/live by?

When in doubt, paddle out!