It’s Electric! The Latest Skin Hack

Shock of the new: The current trend in facials is electric.

By Beth Landman

If you’ve ever noticed women on the street who seem to have particularly perky skin and an almost celestial glow, chances are they’ve discovered the “remodeling’’ facials developed by Parisian company Biologique Recherche. The combination of active products with electrical current, which tones muscles in the face and helps those products to penetrate, takes years off and imparts a healthy radiance. Below are five top estheticians, each of whom has customized the remodeling treatment to make it her own, along with Christine Chin, the go-to facialist for cleansing and ridding skin of imperfections.

Bicaj began as a trainer for Biologique Recherche and her luxurious boutique spa looks like the kind of apartment you wish you lived in. Her facials start with manual lifting before the electronic work, and she is the only one in New York to carry the MBR eye serum, which has dramatic results, and Future’s beauty drops that light up your face, both of which she incorporates into the treatment and can be purchased via her site ( Bicaj also has a professional pedicurist on staff who brings along a special softening solution, surgical tools and a foot sander. 30 East 67th St., 212.861.1007,

The “Triple Crown’’ Fire and Ice Collagen Treatment ($395 for 60 minutes; $470 for 90 minutes) at this jewel box of a spa combines technology with European expertise. Karina starts with a microencapsulated mask that resurfaces, tightening and removing fine lines without actually peeling skin. She then moves on to work the muscles with microcurrent, and finishes with a medical-grade Swiss collagen mask used in burn units to calm skin. As a finale, she applies frozen cryo sticks and delivers a flash of LEDs. 30 East 60th St., suite 709, 212.355.3919,

All facials at this pretty oasis that opened in February come with complimentary 30-minute reflexology for extra relaxation when you book a facial, and clients can also opt for a manicurist to be brought in. In addition to the classic 90-minute remodeling ($225), Hong offers Swiss Deluxe Brightening Treatment, good for sun damage or post-laser treatment ($100 for 30 minutes); hydrofacials that exfoliate, extract and pump with the use of a high-pressure stream ($225 for one hour; $295 for 90 minutes); Micro-Puncture Treatment to improve skin’s texture ($385 for 90 minutes with collagen mask, $325 without); and Oxygen and Vitamin Therapy Facial, a deep hydrating treatment that aids in both acne and post-laser resurfacing patients ($175 for 90 minutes). 145 Grand St., 347.247.6381,

It’s the full-body experience at one of the city’s best-known salons, where classic Bio Sculpt Lift & Firm Facial begins with a thorough cleansing, and has just been extended to include a full body exfoliation using the French products that contain lemon, sage, horseradish and some alpha hydroxy acids (from $230). An alternate body add-on is a slimming wrap with algae marine salt and a heating blanket ($240), which sweats out toxins and makes a cozy winter cocoon. Reboh’s facials use serums with placenta, amniotic fluid and colostrum, and have the option to finish with a cooling refrigerated collagen mask for extra glow ($85). 171 E. 65th Street, 212.988.7816,

DiNoia’s “3 D facial” begins with dermabrasion to exfoliate, and moves on to dermaplaning with a fine blade to remove even fine peach fuzz from the face for extra luster. After the microcurrent does its lifting work, DiNoia adds microneedling to tighten pores. Two-hour smoothing and tightening, $500; $390 for the 90 minute version. 800B Fifth Ave., 646.251.6622

Radio frequency adds the extra oomph to Caglia’s $350 “La Vie en Rose Power” facial. It begins with a cleansing,and instead of a steamer Caglia uses a French mister that emits an herb-infused vapor. After a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, she performs extractions, followed by lymphatic drainage with the help of two rose-quartz rollers, intense pulsed light, a resurfacing peel, and microcurrent to chisel before the radio frequency, which tightens. The last step: LED lights, said to promote collagen production. 2924 Beverly Glen Circle, Bel Air; 310.990.2424,

The owner of Aspen Vida Medi Spa uses paraffin to soften face, hands and feet during her 90-minute healing, hydrating antibacterial Love My Face treatment ($210). The package includes microdermabrasion, an enzyme or acid peel, microcurrent, red LED light therapy, an oxygen spray and a skin-specific mask. 420 West Main St., Unit 102, Aspen; 970.429.8350,

For deep cleaning and purification, nobody beats this Lower East Side skincare guru, who has a reputation for her strict no-nonsense approach, and methodically removes bumps and other imperfections that she fondly refers to as “doughnuts.” Chin’s Glow Facial incorporates shiatsu with a mud or whitening mask, followed by a ginseng mask ($250); the AHA treatment ($250) uses a glycolic acid-rich lilac mask to exfoliate; the collagen facial ($250) employs a brightening mask of pure collagen. Add-ons include a whitening pearl mask ($40) or healing green tea mask ($40). 82 Orchard St., 212.353.0503,

The first to bring Biologique Recherche’s facial to the U.S., Djerradine, newly relocated to Dr. Brad Katchen’s chic offices in Soho, was dubbed Mrs. Frankenstein by Vogue 26 years ago for applying electricity to her patients’ delicate skin. Her experience is unparalleled, and she keeps discovering ways to embellish her age-defying sessions by adding highly concentrated cocktails of different serums filled with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Djerradine also uses special, smaller plastic bristles for her microneedling, so that there is no prolonged redness. $295 to $415 for 90 minutes. 568 Broadway, suite 303, 212.334.3142,