December 8, 2017

Shape House

Los Angeles' urban sweat lodge hits NYC.

Shape House

Breaking a sweat at Shape House is about all that’s required to achieve optimum wellness.

By Peter Davis

Imagine burning calories, achieving glowing skin, sleeping better at night, improving circulation and feeling healthier all around while lying in bed watching Netflix. Welcome to Shape House, the urban sweat lodge in Los Angeles, which has finally opened on New York’s Upper East Side, with locations soon to follow in the Flatiron District and Dumbo. Founded just over five years ago by Sophie Chiche—“I have a mission to have people sweat all over the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had hundreds of Shape Houses in the next five years,” Chiche says—Shape boasts a cult celeb following in L.A. with fans like Selena Gomez and the Kardashians. Recently, James Corden sweated on his show alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. Visitors to Shape House don a cotton T-shirt, pants and socks and then are wrapped in an extra-large heated blanket. While watching TV, they sweat out toxins for 55 minutes. (It sounds grueling, but some people actually doze off during the session.) Using FAR infrared energy, an increased core temperature loosens toxic subcutaneous deposits which are then released through the skin, resulting in the ultimate detox.