Wearable Wellness

High-vibrational jewelry line Awaken The Peace elevates the spirit.
Mixed Blue Tiger Eye bracelet from Awaken The Peace

By Katie Beckley

As a little girl, I used to play dress-up with my grandmother’s jewelry. I loved the feel of the metals; the color and scintillation of the gemstones. I was acutely aware that I felt different emotions with each piece. I was drawn to her Navajo turquoise pieces and some of the Asian jade carvings and antique Italian carnelian intaglios. They certainly weren’t the pieces of most “value,” nor the ones I found most aesthetically pleasing, yet I could hear them speak. I could feel the emotions of the artisans who had carved and co-created the pieces and the tribes that had adorned them. That’s when I was awakened to the inner and outer beauty of the gemstones; to the frequencies within them.

The first stones I collected were river stones my grandfather had polished. I used to close my eyes and hold the different pebbles, trying to intuit which was which. It taught me calibration. I could feel the different energetic currencies in each stone. I connected with the inner heartbeat of Earth and learned how to value the extraordinary within the ordinary.

It’s been amazing to see how people are drawn to Awaken the Peace energetically. I have always been fascinated by the relationship of energy transfer and how quickly someone can change their state of being from being upset to a state of joy. When you walk down the street and you smile and someone smiles back, that’s a powerful energy transfer.

I knew that combining different gemstone and mineral properties with sacred geometrical formations created different frequencies and that higher vibes meant easier access to joy. After many iterations, together with a very skilled scientist, we developed an effective recipe to use within our wearable wellness charms. The proprietary blend assists with increased strength and balance, and has a calming effect on our body’s central nervous systems. Much like attuning to a radio station, once we quiet the surrounding static, we can hear the rhythm and enjoy the melody. Awaken the Peace enhances our ability to do this internally. Our line combines our wellness charm with gemstones to further customize your healing.

Similarly to raising a dimmer switch, increasing our inner vibrations (energy) increases our ability to see and feel more light, which makes us feel connected rather than separated. In that vibration, we can experience all the good things—love, compassion, joy and deep connection to self and others—even to the Divine. The more you start shedding your own layers to arrive at a transformative moment, your wearable wellness charm will also transform. It will peel.

I call it peel, heal and reveal. Only after you make massive shifts—when certain patterns no longer serve you— will your charm start to change. It’s like a personal barometer of your progress. The minerals within the outer layer of the Om gradually peel away as you awaken your inner peace.

Once peeled, the charm reveals an engraved Om. It continues to work from there. The bracelets are a visceral experience of energy and vibration beyond what we can see. Available at Remède Spa, stregisaspen.com; awakenthepeace.com