Sleek Shades: NYS Collection Eyewear

Protect your eyes in style with the latest from NYS Collection Eyewear.
Come see + shop the NYS Collection at our PURIST POP UP at Westfield in Century City (10250 Santa Monica Boulevard) from March 21st until April 22nd, open 7 days a week.

What is now an optical empire was once a small business: a sunglass cart located in the courtyard of NYC’s World Trade Center. Friends and fellow Brooklynites, Marc Behar and Sal Babbino began operating out of Behar’s 1,600-square-foot residence in the ’90s. The business quickly grew, transforming the entire living space into a whirlwind of sorting, boxing and shipping.

Fast-forward to NYS Collection Eyewear’s present-day thriving business and significantly larger warehouse space, which houses an extensive range of sunglass and optical eyewear brands for consumers of all ages, genders, budgets and lifestyles. The high-quality, handcrafted sunglasses come in a large variety of colors and styles from reflective cat-eyes to vintage aviators. Each pair is the perfect accessory for summer days spent lounging on the beach or reading by the pool.