Cannabis Checks In

The Standard Hotel stocks its minibars with boutique cannabidiol products.
The hotel’s next-level minibars feature CBD gum drops.

by Charlotte DeFazio

Partnering with Lord Jones, purveyor of luxury cannabis and cannabidiol-infused products, the Standard Hotel will soon stock its minibars with cannabidiol (CBD) gumdrops and Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Formula Body Lotions. (Unlike THC, cannabidiol promotes wellness and pain reduction without any psychoactive effect on its users.)

Later this year, the Lord Jones retail dispensary flagship will open on the ground floor of The Standard Hollywood, selling cannabis and CBD-infused products to hotel guests and the community.

“I remember going to The Standard Hollywood when it opened, and thinking it was unlike anything I’d ever seen,” says Lord Jones founder Rob Rosenheck. “It was hip and relevant, with a sophisticated party atmosphere. When we looked for a hospitality partner, The Standard was at the top of our list. By making Lord Jones CBD products available to their guests, The Standard is again breaking new ground, and we couldn’t be more excited.”;