Feast Around The Clock

In the city that never sleeps, enjoy delicious, healthy food from daybreak until long after sundown.
Best Places To Eat In NYC
Plantmade serves delicious vegan bowls all day long.

by Julia Szabo


THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER—Beloved for its impressive array of juices, elixir shots, wellness lattes, and smoothies, this is also a fine place to linger, after a week of on-the-go juice fueling, and enjoy a no-holds-barred brunch. Offerings include coconut yogurt parfait, breakfast tacos, delicious 9-grain French toast and gluten-free Weekend Waffles. 581 Hudson St.; 19 Kenmare St.; thebutchersdaughter.com

MAGIC MIX—Bankers are bullish on the organic juices, cleanses, and other liquid assets at this Financial District favorite, proving the old adage that health really is wealth. The Mayan Warrior smoothie is popular for a reason: its mood-lifting, hormone-balancing blend of almond milk, banana, cacao, dates, maca, and cinnamon provide a sure shot of vitality. 102 Fulton St., 646.454.0680; magicmix.us


ANTIDOTE APOTHECARY + TEA BAR—This Greenpoint café goes beyond vegan/vegetarian all the way to cultured and zero-waste with its signature “Lunch Jars”: reusable mason glassware filled with “always vegetarian, mostly vegan” (and downright pretty) ingredients, i.e. roasted beet, farro, mung beans, sauerkraut, sunflower seeds, and kale, with fermented tahini. 200 Franklin St., Brooklyn, 929.276.3905; antidotebrooklyn.com

Best Places To Eat In NYC
Avo brunch toast at Avocaderia

AVOCADERIA—The world’s first avocado bar and destination for all things alligator pear opens a second New York location this spring, making it even easier to mainline this alkalizing superfruit while on the go. The Winter Garden (avo mash, hummus, roasted Brussels sprouts, broccoli and spiced seeds) is an efficient delivery system for protein, fiber, plus a variety of phytonutrient greenery—all in one quick, casual meal. 238 36th St., Brooklyn, Terminal Warehouse Chelsea, 271 11th Ave., Manhattan; avocaderia.com


BORIS & HORTON—Canines of all kind are welcome at the City’s first Department of Health-approved dog-friendly café, where the menu includes avocado toast and the vibe is decidedly pro-dog adoption (Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a partner in the enterprise). The sleek, airy space is named for two rescues, one of whom, the handsome Boris, has a coffee named in his honor. With City of Saints Coffee Roasters, Balthazar bread, and Murray’s Cheese also partners, all ingredients are Best In Show. Pause to bask in the company of canines, an activity known to possess many wellness-boosting powers: Just petting a dog is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress 195 Avenue A; borisandhorton.com


PLANTMADE—If anyone can solemnize a happy marriage of pastry and nutrition, it’s the high priest of plant cuisine, Matthew Kenney, who has transformed Manhattan’s Lower East Side into vegan Eden (his exquisite, nut-cheese-topped Double Zero pizzas, a short distance south at 65 Second Ave., are a magnificent obsession for many). At Plantmade, hisall-day café, Kenney turns bagels into a virtuous—and very cool-looking—treat by infusing them with detoxifying charcoal and beet powder. Indulge your sweet tooth with a vanilla-matcha macaroon (vanilla and matcha are both antioxidant), which pairs nicely with a smoked coconut tea. 152 Second Ave., 646.461.2124; matthewkenneycuisine.com/plantmade


MOTHER OF PEARL—If Dry January is a distant memory, you can chase your alcohol with antioxidants. “Eat the Rainbow” is an oft-repeated vegan slogan; here, it’s served in the form of a decadent cocktail: Taste the Rainbow delivers Vitamin C, lycopene, and bromelain in a fruity fiesta of kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, banana cognac, lemon, lime, pisco, and overproof rum. 95 Avenue A, 212.614.6818; motherofpearlnyc.com/cocktails


BAR VERDE—This joint is jumping late into the evening with meat- and dairy-free delicacies, all concocted by plant-powered potentate Matthew Kenney. Sample the cool cocktails (Smoked Pineapple Mezcalito, for a jolt of the enzyme bromelain) or opt for a classic minty Mojito washed down with sublime barbacoa tacos. These only sound sinful: made of antioxidant jackfruit, a cancer killer, they’re barbecue that’s actually good for you. 65 Second Ave., 212.777.6965; matthewkenneycuisine.com/bar-verde

KUBEH—The spot for the city’s most stylish spin on healthy Middle Eastern cuisine is named for its star menu item, an Iraqi-Kurdish-Syrian dumpling served in broth. Of course, the usual suspects (hummus, tabbouleh, shirazi salad), are perfectly prepared and plated as well. Chef-owner Melanie Shurka’s ode to her Israeli-Iranian culinary heritage accommodates all dietary restrictions, helpfully marking menu items (V) (GF) and/or (VEG). Cold beverages both delight and promote digestion with stomach-soothing ingredients: Rosewater Mint Lemonade; Iced Green Tea with Ginger and Mint. 464 6th Ave.; eatkubeh.com


LADYBIRD—Branding itself “A Vegetable Bar,” Ladybird is a sister restaurant to Mother of Pearl (see above) and proudly 100 percent vegan. Don’t for a moment suspect that means bland: this sexy spot boasts an equally sultry bill of fare. Sick of salad? You’ll fall hard for frisee mixed with pear, arugula, shiitake, fried onions, and sherry vinaigrette. Even the Brussels sprouts are bewitching, served with endive, apple, quinoa, and soy-truffle vinaigrette. 111 E. 7th St., 917.261.5524; ladybirdny.com


GJELINA—The only thing missing from New York’s wellness dining landscape is a one-stop, top-tier destination that stays open daily from breakfast through to dinner, offering exquisite farm-to-table fare. In Los Angeles, that place is Gjelina on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The venerable Venice culinary mecca is scheduled to open its downtown NYC outpost shortly, with food sourced from its Hudson Valley farm (in Rhinebeck, NY), on land purchased expressly to supply the restaurant with gorgeous grub. 45 Bond St., gjelina.com